Well, 2016 happened. We lost some fine examples of humanity this year. We gained some personalities we could likely have done without. And we got a metric ton of great new albums this year. Herewith, we present our staff picks for shoegaze and dream pop album of the year, as well as our listener poll results on the topic. And, no, there are no EPs listed here. That’s a fool’s lot, to get the two mixed up.


Odd thing about the listener poll… the winner is an album from Linda Guilala that we’ve never played, and never got hold of. Surely there’s nowt wrong with passionate fans, they help promote, and move the needle for any indie artist. But the label has never provided this LP, it is unavailable to purchase via their Bandcamp (though you can stream it, here), and while most of their releases are available on the indie-focused eMusic website, nothing beyond 2015’s Girando Otra Vez is available for the band. So, a shrug, a scratch of the head, and a hearty thumbs-up to the band for dedicated fans. Because of this oddity, we were able to add an ‘eleventh’ to the top ten listing.

1. Linda Guilala – Psiconautica
2. Living Hour – Living Hour
3. Dead Horse One – Season of Mist
4. Vet Trip – Swimming In Machines
5. Soda Lilies – Love Cemetery Tapes
6. DIIV- Is the Is Are
7. Nothing – Tired of Tomorrow
8. Flyying Colours – Mindfullness
9. The Stargazer Lilies – Door To The Sun
9. (Tie) Stella Diana – Nitocris
10. Pinkshinyultrablast – Grandfeathered

Full poll results available here.