The number one station for shoegaze and dream pop is now the number one app for shoegaze and dream pop. Who knew?

Sure, you can listen via iTunes, TuneIn, Roku, Sonos and many others, but if you crave MORE, get the app.

Available on App Store, Google Play, and Blackberry World


Impressive Features

Always-on live broadcast, news, recently played history, sleep timer, social feed and more, free on your app store.

Live Broadcast

The reason we’re here. Launch the app, you’re instantly connected to our live broadcast, DJs, and specialty programming.

Sleep Timer

Set the app to serenade you to sleep in a wash of reverb and tremolo.

Recently Played

You stepped away, but want to know what we played three tracks ago? You got it. Constantly refreshed “recently played” listings keep you in the know.

Social Feed

Pick up the newest headlines, as well as the questionable memes, instantly from our social feed, directly on the “play” page of the app. One click, you’re in the know.

Track Voting

Your direct input via thumbs-up/thumbs down voting helps us pick up new tracks for regular rotation, saves to your personal favorites, even helps us compile semi-monthly charts.


Direct links to our YouTube Channel, filled with classic performances and groundbreaking new artists. Live performances remastered, reunion performances, promotional music videos, all here.

Allow Data Connection

Run from both wifi and cellular, or set the app to use wifi data only. No surprise data overages here!


The occasional display ad on launch or quit allows us to bring this app to you FREE, always.


Everyone’s a Critic

Like no other station, we allow for direct voting on “now playing” tracks, and tabulate your votes to help shape the sound of the station. For the first time, you have a real voice in programming your radio station. Your votes not only tell us which new tracks break into weekday rotation, but help us chart current movers in the scene and on the air. It’s your station, and the app helps you make your voice heard.

We Made a Video

…showing a few of the features of the previous version of the DKFM app. Some of those features have been removed for tune-up, and are expected to return in the next update. But, walk down memory lane with us, won’t you? Music from The Stargazer Lilies, Tennis System, and, er, us.

Love DKFM. Love this. No cool (or uncool) shoegaze kid should be without this on their phone.Dean Bromley

Get your gaze on. Awesome app! Nice to have this available. No more mucking about with a Web browser on the phone – just get the app and gaze on!Dan Ballek

This a fantastic app! Very impressed.Jaiden Everett

Don’t be alarmed It’s like radio, only much better.. Keep calm and gaze at your shoes… \m/(-_-)\m/Michael Lagana

A must-have! Love shoegaze? Love listening to it on your Android smartphone? Well, what are you waiting for!?? Launch it, turn it up, and gaze away (at your shoes, not the phone)!Patrick Martin

This radio station focuses on the sub-genres of alternative music commonly referred to as “shoegaze” and “dreampop,” terms which basically refer to a range of postpunk-influenced psychedelic guitar-based pop music. If that sounds good to you this app is absolutely the best way to listen to this station. It even allows for user feedback and the station operators seem to actually pay attention. From the classics to the most up-to-date artists working in these styles, you’ll hear them all here, and it’s wonderful.monkeyrock

There’s a lot of streaming apps out there, but not many that include a nod to shoegaze. Even if they do, it’s usually just a playlist or a channel with such a limited catalog that you can’t escape the repetition or go beyond a few top songs of the category. This app’s variety is vast, from the founding of the genre to current-day bands carrying on the good work that is gaze.goltgo

I never rate anything, this may be my first. I have to say this is my favorite app. I use it at work and at bed time.Almasinfe

Did we mention… FREE?

Nothing good is EVER free. Until now, that is.

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