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It’s about the music.

What do you get when you cross San Francisco’s The Bilinda Butchers with a dash of Man Without Country-style driving synthgaze? The new single “The Lovers’ Suicide!”, that’s what! Layer jangly guitars with relentless synth wash, you come up with an intriguing new direction for the Bay Area’s indie darlings. Download available from March 5th, vinyl and CD ships by March 15th.


//orangenoise has once again made their album, “//A Journey to the Heart of the Matter” available as a “name your price” download at their Bandcamp site. One of our favorite all-around releases of 2012, these tracks demand your attention by grabbing your eardrums and refusing to let go. That such excellent songwriting and musicianship should come out of Karachi, Pakistan… well that’s just an unexpected bonus. Following up 2011’s masterful and eye-opening //veracious EP, this just shows a continued maturation of committed soundscapers with quality songs to back them up. Highly recommended.

Download at their Bandcamp site.

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Strange Corners’ second full-length, “Strange Pleasures” is expected to be released on May 7th, via Sub Pop, and the band will tour the UK behind the release. No other European or US dates have yet been announced. They’ve also offered a free download of the LP’s first single, “Berlin Lovers”, in exchange for your email.

Our listeners loved their full-length 2011 debut “Creatures Of An Hour”, and this is likely to generate even more buzz.

Tracklist for “Strange Pleasures”:

  1. The Trip
  2. Beginning to Blue
  3. I Can’t Sleep
  4. All I Know
  5. Fireflies
  6. Berlin Lovers
  7. Future Age
  8. Going Back to Strange
  9. Beatcity
  10. Midnight Drive
  11. We Killed the Moonlight
  12. Strange Pleasures

SweetMeetOne of our Best of 2012 deserves a blog mention. Shallow’s “Sweet Meet” ranked number 34 on our listeners’ Top 50, and with good reason. One of those tracks we’d best describe as “beautifully broken”, it’s just a micro of the macro. There are several great can i order flagyl online tracks from their “Mistakes” EP that were added to rotation shortly after release, and remain there today. If you’re not familiar with Shallow, this is as good a place as any to start!

Visit Shallow at their Bandcamp site, and check them out on Facebook.