The one question we got more often this year than even “When’s the new MBV album?” was, “When’s the Beautiful Noise documentary coming out?” All initial answers had led to December, thus keeping commitment to release ‘before the end of the year’. Word arrived yesterday that the biggest hurdle is now nearly overcome, the music clearances (which can cost big bucks) are finally being wrapped up.


Beautiful Noise aims to be “the definitive documentary about influential 80’s and 90’s guitar bands who harnessed massively loud sounds using a sea of effects pedals,” delivering “some of the most BEAUTIFUL NOISE ever recorded.” The project, helmed by writer/director Eric Green, has been eight years in the making, and features music and interviews from some of the biggest luminaries in the shoegaze and dream pop scene over the last 20 years.

Funded in part by a Kickstarter project launched late last year, Beautiful Noise reached $84,740 of their $75,000 goal as of last December 15th. Now, the wait begins in earnest. We’ll keep you posted!

Featured image source: John Nugent, Sandbox FX

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Noise Documentary Update

  1. Robert Chapo

    I need to buy the Beautiful Noise DVD ASAP.Can I get info on how to.purchase the documentary.
    Thank you,

    1. DKFM

      The Beautiful Noise camp is wrapping up end credits and finishing postproduction. Can’t buy it yet, but… soon?

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