As some of you are aware, we finally made the transition to TuneIn Radio last Monday. This is something we’d waited for, as many of our listeners have demanded it. Live365 does a tremendous job for many, but some of the restrictions were off-putting for some. iTunes Radio was wicked convenient for many, but not for all. Now with this last piece in place, you can fit DKFM into your lifestyle no matter what your preference.

The only drawback to the TuneIn addition is a lack of cover art and track names. The hand-off from Live365 doesn’t provide more than the stream data itself, stripping away cover art, etc. As a result, we’ve started doing more artist-specific station IDs. As much as anything else, we’re here to promote the artists we play, so our only workaround for this problem is to get the names out there as often as possible. We’ve got three new IDs in rotation flagyl 400 mg now, and you can expect more in the future.

Finally, we broke the blog. For a bit. Original host transferred us to a new server, but at the same time, we were looking for a new host to help bulletproof the blog.  So we’ve hopped three servers in two weeks to finally alleviate the problem. We don’t expect to be going away anytime soon, so we’d better be ready.

Finally, based on your suggestions, we’ve added some more classic tracks to the library. We’re now running 60% more Ride, 50% more Lush, and 40% more Raveonettes. There’s a few others, but we’ll let you be surprised when you hear them. We appreciate your suggestions, requests, and even criticism. It makes for better radio. Thank you for caring about what we do as much as we do.

Live365 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Live365 on Google Play

TuneIn for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
TuneIn on Google Play


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