“We are currently working on releasing the entire live set from that tour as a collection, so look out for news of that soon.”

Today (November 5, 2015) marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Slowdive’s self-titled debut EP, and we celebrated as much or more as the next guys and gals. Creation Records catalogue number CRESCD 093, and we should know. We hung about Tower Records waiting for our copy, way back when. Imagine our surprise at the announcement from Slowdive Official in the wee small hours of the morning. A live album is coming. In the official announcement, Slowdive even offered a free live track to fans to mark the occasion. “Avalyn” is now available for streaming and download, celebrating ?#?SlowdiveEP25?.


Forgive us if our inner n3rd is showing, but that’s bound to happen several times before we’re done.

It’s really bad form to take a victory lap at a time like this, but, we’ll do it anyway. We’ve actually been pushing for this since last December, and for a multitude of reasons.

dkfm-slowdive-liveLet’s break it down this way: nobody looks for a live album anymore, though it used to be a mandatory item for bands with three or more LPs under their belt. In the special case of Slowdive, however, concert performances were limited to rare VHS bootlegs, in varying states of audio quality. Poor sods like us would scour the pages of Goldmine Magazine for Slowdive listings, and you’d count yourself lucky to find something you didn’t have, or hadn’t seen.

Fast-forward to 2015. As a group of musicians, Slowdive have matured, honed their craft, and are experiencing an impossible peak of popularity after 25 years. Evidenced by their recent tour, flagyl 400 mg online pharmacy both musicianship and live show mixdown have hit peaks never before possible. The songs you knew for years suddenly had a heft, sweep and grandeur only hinted at in the original studio recordings. Thanks to the talented rhythm section, that which might have seemed hazy or lazy suddenly pulses and propels everything forward like it’s terribly serious business. And it is. If you’re a Slowdive fan, the ‘music of your life’ now grabs you by the lapels and shakes you mercilessly. It’s an exhilarating experience.

If there were ever a time for a live Slowdive album, this would be it. It serves as a mile-marker, as well as a pivot point moving forward. Release the live album, and you have less concern about how the next album is compared to prior works. It’s simple maturation, with the live album being the capstone on the original chapter of Slowdive. Plus, the live set will tide fans over while they wait for the recording, mixing, mastering, cover design of the next LP of original music, not to mention the laborious process of cranking up the necessary hype machine that’s necessary for any new mass-market release.

We don’t intend to imply that Slowdive takes career advice from us. That they are even tangentially aware of our existence is more likely closer to the truth. What we can say is, this is the smart call. For the band, for the fans, for everyone who’d like to see the original hazy royalty keep at the crest of the wave for some years to come. They’ve earned the adoration due them years ago, and their long-suffering fans really can’t get a better gift.

Happy birthday to us, each and every one.

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