We’ve been stalking Melbourne’s hazy Crimsonettes for six months now. Early Soundcloud posts let us know there was something sparkly going on here, and all we had to do was wait for an official release date. We even begged for a pre-release track to push on air, which they graciously allowed for. Now they’ve finally released the EP they’ve promised, and it’s a stunner. Sickly Sweet EP released to Bandcamp on October 29th, and allows for no filler. Our closest reference point to this sonic swell is classic Waldo & Marsha, or perhaps Slowdive with stronger lead lines. Part dream-pop wash, part hazy shoegaze, with hints of neo-psych, all are wrapped up in a strong pop sensibility. Both male and female vocals round out the presentation, sometimes separated, sometimes forming a sugar-drenched chorus.


Each Crimsonettes track unfolds at its own pace, usually beginning quietly, mildly, then building to massive walls of melody and sound. The title track alone is a great example of the technique, and the blueprint for all that comes after. This music isn’t intended to challenge you, so much as draw you in and envelop you. For a debut EP, Sickly Sweet is pretty much everything we’d counted on. Expect this to crack more than a few end-of-year Top Ten lists.




Stalk Crimsonettes on Facebook and Twitter, and purchase “Sickly Sweet EP” on Bandcamp now. No, not later, now. As close to nowish as possible.