It’s that time. No more fussing about. And this is the list we take more seriously than any other.

As per usual, you are able to vote for up to three tracks. We do have some built-in cheat detection, so it’ll be difficult for a band or a fan to game the listener poll. In this instance, we’ve disabled ability to add your own tracks. This helps us cut down on “poll order flagyl metronidazole spamming” by bands with tracks you’ve never heard of. Fear not. Add a comment to this post, and, if qualified, it will be added posthaste. Poll closes 27 January. Shortly thereafter, we’ll post results, along with our list of what tunes fully broke our airwaves, and our hearts. Because we do this every day.

Feel free to share with only your most tasteful friends.

2 thoughts on “Listener Poll: Best Shoegaze and Dream Pop Songs of 2014

  1. phil

    i left a couple comments on the Polldaddy page for this poll, but it appears they don’t show up here on the decayfm site, so i don’t know if they get seen by anyone. in case they don’t, i’ll combine them here:

    my top shoegaze track of the year is missing 🙂
    Blush Response – “Telltale”

    and i was surprised not to see anything by The History of Colour TV… “Enter on Ash” and “Split Blood” are a couple good ones.

    my personal top 10 also includes:
    Tuques – “No Cops”
    Strata Florida – “Au Naturel”
    Spotlight Kid – “Sugar Pills”
    The Cherry Wave – “Fuzzthrower”
    Hot Glass – “Only Animals”

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