Our Bandcamp track of the week this week is Savage Sister’s “Pale Surrender”, the first single from their upcoming second LP Speechless on BLVD Records. It’s a shimmering sonic strike, somewhat reminiscent of classic Airiel, and a perfect teaser for the album. Release date not yet set for Speechless, but BLVD Records has signed on to produce vinyl for the band, and the Savage Sister sound should only be enhanced by the warmth of vinyl reproduction.

Bandmaster Michael Tenzer on the album: “The upcoming LP, Speechless, consolidates all of the band’s beloved elements found across the spectrum of dream pop and shoegaze, elements that Savage Sister has been working in since its inception. The album further clarifies this mixture of sound, never content to stay simply one side of the fence or the other.”

All’s we can say is it’s a damn tasty confection that makes us hungry for the rest. If it were cake, we’d be shoveling it in with both hands.

Grab the single “Pale Surrender” from the Savage Sister Bandcamp, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.