Radio friendly? Not on your life. The wall of distortion, the dissonance, the sheer caterwaul that threatens to break the world apart doesn’t make for party music, unless your party is a particularly nihilistic one. This is the niche that The Julia Sound carved out, and pretty well mastered. The clever neo-disco rhythm that opens “Bash Her Head” only politely drags you into the maelstrom, as the distortion slips in and threatens to knock the taste right out of your mouth. Experimental, adventurous, noisy. For some of us, this is sweet candy. Dropping a double b-side only adds to the absurdity and boldness of the adventure. The Julia Sound’s cover of A.R.Kane’s “When You’re Sad” is a treat in its own right.

Sure, we could complain they only drop hints of brilliance once a year. Our guess is they keep expecting to destroy the world with their sound, only coming back to finish the job.

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