We’ve been spinning Vidulgi OoyoO’s “Elephant” at the station since… well, seems like forever. This song, like most of their tracks, mash up dream pop, shoegaze and post rock into a incredible stew of sound and melody. Formed in 2003, South Korea’s Vidulgi OoyoO (translates to “Pigeon Milk”) has generated positive international buzz as a natural emissary of the classic 90’s sound, without falling victim to cliche.

News hit this weekend that Vidulgi OoyoO has nine tracks in the can, building up to the October 1st release of their new LP, Officially Pronounced Alive, in Korea and Japan. The band is still looking for distribution in the US and Europe, but given their track record and reputation, we doubt it’ll be long before a cagey distributor snaps this up.


Not only with their sound, Vidulgi OoyoO broke even more new ground internationally as the Grand Prize Winner of the 2013 iPhone Film Festival with their treatment of “Goodnight Shining”, one of the post-rock-tinged anthems slated to appear on their new album. Soaring sounds, stunning visuals, it’s one of those you simply let go, and let it wash over you. Highly recommended!

Find Vidulgi OoyoO on their Facebook page. And if you know a distributor or label head in the US/UK who wants to look like a genius, drop us a line! We’ll pass it along to the crew!