Strange Corners’ second full-length, “Strange Pleasures” is expected to be released on May 7th, via Sub Pop, and the band will tour the UK behind the release. No other European or US dates have yet been announced. They’ve also offered a free download of the LP’s first single, “Berlin Lovers”, in exchange for your email.

Our listeners loved their full-length 2011 debut “Creatures Of An Hour”, and this is likely to generate even more buzz.

Tracklist for “Strange Pleasures”:

  1. The Trip
  2. Beginning to Blue
  3. I Can’t Sleep
  4. All I Know
  5. Fireflies
  6. Berlin Lovers
  7. Future Age
  8. Going Back to Strange
  9. Beatcity
  10. Midnight Drive
  11. We Killed the Moonlight
  12. Strange Pleasures