Graveface Records today has posted a trailer for the upcoming debut LP by The Stargazer Lilies. “We Are the Dreamers” is slated for release on September 10 of this year. How to tease the album? Hack up a song and run it backwards. It’s not hubris if you can pull it off, and The Stargazer Lilies have proven they can. Watch the trailer here:

The album drops September 10, on CD, LP and digital buy metronidazole over the counter formats, with at least one single to precede the release. If it compares at all to the prior single releases, it’s sure to be epic. Reminder of what they’re capable of? Try last December’s jaw-dropping single, Fukitol. Just one of the tracks in heavy rotation at DKFM.

Find The Stargazer Lilies on Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter, and probably on the back of your eyelids while you’re dreaming.