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Though perhaps not yet well-known outside of their native Ventura County, Captions is preparing to roll out hard. A teaser single dropped on their Bandcamp in September of 2015, and caught attention for both breezy melodies and plaintive vocals. It had been understood that this was prelude to forthcoming LP, already ‘in the can’. A promising opening, to be sure, but even we weren’t prepared for what comes next.

Today Captions debuts their second single, “Recording Silence”, and it tops anything you might have expected. Shimmering and dreamy, there is a polished ease and slacker beauty to this single. Modern meets classic retro. Small flourishes swirl and collide, vocals soar, a time shift in the chorus keeps your attention locked, as Captions take you on a trip, starting on the 805 freeway and ending up in space.

Background? Captions is a four-piece shoegaze/dream pop band formed in the beginning of 2012 after a year of writing, jamming and interchanging band members. They wrote and recorded their first full-length album, ITERATIONS, in the winter of 2014-15.  The group consists of John Figueroa (vocals/guitar), Adam Gangi (guitar/keyboard), Marcus Paquini (bass/vocals/keyboard), and Joshua Zacarias (drums/vocals/keyboard).  Influences? The presser says “…they are influenced by everything from everyday interactions with both friends and strangers, to the near flawless snare drum tone on Radiohead’s ‘All I Need’.” Sounds like a winner to us!

Iterations is due late summer, with a tour of Southern California to follow. If “Recording Silence” is any indication, there will be pressure for a much wider tour.

Follow Captions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and “follow” their Bandcamp site for releases as they happen.

holdengirlsepI’ve been here before. Less than 48 hours before New Tracks Weekend, looking for just one more stunner sound to pack out twelve hours worth of programming. Scouring all my favorite sources for new sounds. Then, almost by accident, I always end up backing into something amazing I’d never heard of. Right now, Holden Girls EP by Holden Girls is it. Cavernous, downtempo, dreamy, if you had to best describe the sound it’s like classic Red House Painters as the heroin starts to wear off. The vocals are lazy, languid, but not out of key.

So, fine, it’s been out a month and we didn’t know about it. Now we do. And now you do, too.

Not a lot of biographical detail about the band that created this sound. They are either from Cambridge or Ely (or both), they feature four guitarists (at least part time), and they don’t like photos. But, then, what more do you need? If they bring the sound and the mood, the rest is moot.

Holden Girls is:
Connor Browne – Vocals, Guitar
Luke Cowan – Guitar, Bass, Keys
Owen Kennedy – Guitar, Keys
Alex Brown – Guitar
George Fletcher – Drums

Released on July 15th, available via Bandcamp, eMusic, and Amazon. Follow them and give them cookies via Facebook and Twitter. And hear them in heavy rotation this weekend on New Tracks Weekend.

teases their upcoming EP this weekend, and it’s a beauty. We were early adopters of this band, and it’s impressive to see them really coming into their own. Call “Welcome” a dreamy summerscape, a shimmery curtain, I don’t give a damn what you call it. Lush, hazy, layered and textured dream pop, this is your summer soundtrack. Likely available “in a matter of weeks” via Bandcamp, take a listen and fall in love.

Find Suā via Bandcamp, Facebook, and SoundCloud. You won’t be sorry.