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half-wozniak-mute-swanIn a surprise announcement, two of the UK’s preeminent sonic sculptors are releasing a split single, with all proceeds to benefit DKFM station operations. Half, via Gateshead, burst on the scene with their first single “Mind Laps”, and immediately caught attention around the globe. Awash in reverb, strummed rhythm and a slowly unfolding progression, “Mind Laps” broke enough genre molds to earn a permanent rotation space in the first month of release. Jonny Gray’s original project has continued to evolve, leading up to the debut LP Here Lies, released this April.

Wozniak, on the other hand, has been experimenting with textures and dynamics since mid-2013. Never predictable, and impossible to pigeonhole, Wozniak draws from post-rock, shoegaze, occasional tribal rhythms, with dashes of psych thrown in for good measure. Always unique, always challenging, and expanding your musical boundaries. That’s what we’ve come to expect from Wozniak.

In this new split-single release, we chatted up Jonny (Half) and Simon (Wozniak) for more info.

DKFM: Tell us about your contribution to this release, and how it came together?

Jonny (Half): I had the guitar parts left over from my album. I still thought they had potential, but wasn’t sure where to take them. I’d been a fan of Wozniak since hearing Snow Effect on DKFM and just sent Simon an email to see if they’d be up for a collaboration – things just progressed from there.

Simon (Wozniak): When Jonny got in touch I was really intrigued to see what we could come up with together. I had originally thought of remixing Mute Swan, but when I began to make some new sounds I really felt like it came together and a collaboration began to feel more natural than a remix. It’s a good mix of Half and Wozniak – hypnotic guitar parts underpinned by modulating drones!

DKFM: What made you take up this banner, and decide to support DKFM?

Jonny (Half): Both Half and Wozniak are super grateful for the support DKFM has shown us in the past and because the station indirectly brought us together, it just felt right. I’m just keen to repay the support in some small way.

We at DKFM couldn’t be more grateful for the support of quality artists, and dedicated listeners. Keep an eye peeled, release of the new “name-your-price” single is imminent, with proceeds benefiting DKFM!

Split single “Mute Swan” preorder link here. Follow Wozniak on Twitter and Facebook. Follow Half on Twitter and Soundcloud.

We’ve been spinning Vidulgi OoyoO’s “Elephant” at the station since… well, seems like forever. This song, like most of their tracks, mash up dream pop, shoegaze and post rock into a incredible stew of sound and melody. Formed in 2003, South Korea’s Vidulgi OoyoO (translates to “Pigeon Milk”) has generated positive international buzz as a natural emissary of the classic 90’s sound, without falling victim to cliche.

News hit this weekend that Vidulgi OoyoO has nine tracks in the can, building up to the October 1st release of their new LP, Officially Pronounced Alive, in Korea and Japan. The band is still looking for distribution in the US and Europe, but given their track record and reputation, we doubt it’ll be long before a cagey distributor snaps this up.


Not only with their sound, Vidulgi OoyoO broke even more new ground internationally as the Grand Prize Winner of the 2013 iPhone Film Festival with their treatment of “Goodnight Shining”, one of the post-rock-tinged anthems slated to appear on their new album. Soaring sounds, stunning visuals, it’s one of those you simply let go, and let it wash over you. Highly recommended!

Find Vidulgi OoyoO on their Facebook page. And if you know a distributor or label head in the US/UK who wants to look like a genius, drop us a line! We’ll pass it along to the crew!