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In advance of next week’s release of Echodrone’s fourth full album, Past, Preset and Future, the San Francisco quartet tease the effort with this exclusive streaming premiere of “The Past or the Present”. The third track on the new LP is part post-punk, part cut-through-the-fog rhythm section, with accompaniment by spacey, plinking keyboard patterns. This electric journey culminates in layers of guitar churn and vocal layering, as each element adds counterpoint to the next.


Studios have been buzzing about the new directions taken by Echodrone on Past, Preset and Future. Formerly languid epics are now replaced by tightly-focused three-minute opuses, each trying to appeal to broader audiences through more instantaneous gratification. Recorded in fits and starts for the better part of two full years, it never seems like this album is a scattered effort; quite the contrary. Having charted the band’s progress since the release of their self-titled LP a decade ago, it’s the next logical step for Echodrone. Sharpened tunefulness, propulsive rhythms and creative flourishes, this is the evolution of a carefully curated sound. And a promise fulfilled.

Preorders available now, full album releases 23 January, with limited edition vinyl to follow. Keep up with the Echodrone countdown to release via their website, Facebook, and Twitter. Catch up on ALL Echodrone releases via their Bandcamp site.

Tribal drums, guitars that churn and slash. On their fourth EP, Vow, Hermetic Delight meld classic post punk with shoegaze accents, infused with desperate insistence. Due 15 April on October Tone (Musicast Distribution), Hermetic Delight kick it up another notch, demanding your undivided attention. And right from the opening anthem (elegy? processional?) of “War is Closer”, you can tell that Vow isn’t quite like anything else. Press play and read on.

While “War is Closer” sets the cornerstone for the new EP, it only serves as a guidepost, not the endpoint. “Circles” wails with Siouxsie-like insistence and a fever-dream buildup, and feels like it might have been right at home on your early eighties mixtape alongside Xmal Deutschland. With its less-than-evocative title, “Interlude” might seem a toss-off, a bridge between the worlds. Don’t get comfortable. This brief but beautiful mess polishes psych, tribal noise, and an almost Doorsian bent, just to keep you on your toes.

“Vow” and “Murderbeat” follow this interlude, and the proceedings have buy cheap metronidazole online built to this particular moment. “Vow” feels all like love and betrayal, with Zey’s vocals sprawling over the top of the guitar haze. “Murderbeat” is an exercise in tension-building and unease-making, the natural conclusion of spending too much time contemplating the punishment for betrayal.

“Marian” is a jewel of dark goth-gaze pop, layered exquisitely, and you may well end up putting this track on repeat, just to get lost in the feeling. The elegaic”Outro” really is the only fitting ending to this EP, looping back to the opener “War is Closer”, but running its main theme through a Lynch/Badalamenti ‘mood processor’. Well thought-out, brilliantly executed, this is a fine taste of what Hermetic Delight is capable of. If you’re looking for something emotionally engaging, a bit more ambitious than your standard fare, Hermetic Delight welcomes you to their parlor on Vow. Be warned, however, there may be no escape.

Visit Hermetic Delight via their website, where Vow is available for preorder, and follow them on Facebook. Photo Credit: Gauthier Humbert.

Outside of classic Curve, who’s ever heard of great shoegaze you can dance to? A Shoreline Dream premieres their upcoming single, “Revolvist”, and it may have you disoriented from the opening bars. Shoegaze meets postpunk meets dark, gothy undertones in this propulsive track. Guitar that sounds like a hazy Lycia soundscape meets a Sisters of Mercy (or early Cocteau Twins) bassline, and goth heaven is achieved, without losing sight of the signature sound that makes A Shoreline Dream one of the leading lights of the neo-shoegaze movement.

Is “Revolvist” a new direction for A Shoreline buy flagyl Dream? Doubtful. Just another facet in the diamond for this well-accomplished, multifaceted band. We’ll take more of this any damn day. Digital release available 04 March, pre-order now through both Amazon (international) and iTunes.

The video for “Revolvist” is an extension of the song itself, featuring Denver side-show performing legends “The Scissor Sweethearts”, Siara Gray and Serana Rose. Filmed entirely on location in the outdoor set of Shoreline Studios, which resides in the very neighborhood named after infamous circus madman PT Barnum.

Follow A Shoreline Dream at their website, via their Latenight Weeknight Records label, on Facebook and Twitter.

Nylon Magazine this morning premiered the buzzworthy video for the Cre•scen•do lead single “Gatsby”, and it’s a slick piece of work. While we all wait for a release date of their debut LP Lost Thoughts later this summer, and some likely quite special tour news, satisfy yourself with these carefully crafted visuals to match the ringing guitars.

Sure, the band remains headless in this video. It’s either an interesting stunt, or all of them are in the federal witness protection program. The technique helps keep the viewer focused on the song, and the storyline. Keep your eyes peeled here, as we’ll keep you posted on the Lost Thoughts release, and all the other headlines, as Cre•scen•do prepares to go big. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.