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Ultimately, this is what we care about. You may have a well-regarded LP or EP, but this is radio, and we don’t play LPs. Here, it’s all about the songs. You either have it, or you do not. There is no in between. And, yes, we take this list more seriously than any other.

Listed below, the top 50 songs for the year based strictly on direct listener feedback, total spins, and upvotes using the Live365 player widget. There is no cheating this list. Many you’ll know simply because they graduated to our “That Song” station IDs, which showcase the best that the genre has to offer. Below, find our original broadcast aired 30 January 2015. Special thanks to The Yellow Traffic Light, who graciously allowed us to borrow their #30 charting song for the show’s intro and outtro.

Top 50 Shoegaze & Dream Pop Songs of 2014

1. Lightfoils – Diastolic
The early promise of Lightfoils was fully realized in this album, and especially this, the song of the year.
2. Ringo Deathstarr – Flower Power
The mighty Deathstarr has been flirting with ‘epic’ lately, and this proved to be more epic than most.
3. The Florist – Middle of Winter
That a new band from Japan should generate so much buzz on our air is a testament to great songwriting and execution.
4. Lowtide – Blue Movie
I don’t believe a more heartrending song has ever been released in the shoegaze genre, maybe ever.
5. Cheatahs – Geographic
A circus funhouse filled with twisted joy.
6. To The Wedding – Silver Currents
Plaintive, perfect. We can probably shut up about this one by now.
7. The Raveonettes – Sisters
Cagey veterans break it down with immediacy, like they’ve got something to prove. Done.
8. Tennis System – Technicolour Blind
9. Cre•scen•do – Gatsby
The sound may be reminiscent of Captured Tracks, et al. What sets Cre•scen•do apart from that pack. SONGS.
10. Vibragun – Dream Disintegrate
Sure, probably the “poppiest” of their album offerings, but one to repeat again and again.
11. Airs – June Gloom (PTP Session)
Of course you haven’t heard this on your favorite mega.alt.radio station. They’re old and slow, and usually a year behind the curve. Their loss, not yours.
12. Highlands – Beauty
A refining of their epic sound, soaring and shimmering, and overlaid with dark harmonies. Pure brilliance.
13. The Lees of Memory – Little Fallen Star
The return of the kings, showing the kids how it’s done.
14. Nothing – Bent Nail
The hardest working band in show business brings the tunes.
15. A Shoreline Dream – The Silent Sunrise
So many songs on a great album, the instrumental usually gets no love (on the radio or elsewhere). At the risk of offending, this was a complex, multifaceted, brilliant execution of their core sound. Perfect for long mountain/coastal drives with the button on “repeat”.
16. Orange Yellow Red – We Ran
The strong pop sensibilities made this one of the most played songs this year, in an album full of strong songs. Our only 2013/2014 crossover cheat, as it really took hold this year.
17. Soft Science – Feel
A shot of pure sugar and sandpaper. A revelation.
18. Vibragun – Supernova Comedown
Sure your latte alt.radio didn’t play this. Their loss. The rhythm section drives a perfectly churning slice of slacker aggro reminiscent of Swervedriver at their finest.
19. Iris – Haunt Me
Canadian upstarts shake up the Whirr/Pity Sex sound, and produce one of the songs of the year.
20. Wray – Apacheria
A layered, fuzzy, chugging time bomb of awesome.
21. Whirr – Mumble
Give the lads credit where due. Their textured moodiness will stab you in the heart.
22. Be Forest – Captured Heart
From the opening notes, you know you’re in for a magical ride.
23. Aerofall – I Turned a Blind Eye
Sweet propulsive motors and swirling backdrops.
24. The Enters – End of the Summer
Captures a feeling in one song better than most bands do in a whole album.
25. Ringo Deathstarr – God’s Dream
26. Magic Love – Growing Organism
27. Crescendo – Not Sure Yet
28. 宇宙ネコ子とラブリーサマーちゃん 日々のあわ
One of the most talked about debuts in recent memory. Literally blew up our Facebook and Twitter feeds.
29. The Cherry Wave – Fuzzthrower
30. Thud – Lime
31. Static Daydream – The Only One
32. The Yellow Traffic Light – Care
33. Seasurfer – Stay
34. Crisis Arm – Coy
35. The Spirit of the Beehive – Roll Over
36. Car Crash Sisters – Automatic
37. Flyying Colours – Not Today
38. Wildhoney – Seventeen
39. Spotlight Kid – Sugar Pills
40. Blush Response – Telltale
41. The Mary Onettes – Naive Dream
42. Sheer – Skin
43. To The Wedding – Come On
44. Dead Leaf Echo – So Wrong
45. Balms – Head in a Safe
46. The History of Apple Pie – Tame
47. Asalto al Parque Zoológico – Sonnen
48. Sounds Of Sputnik – Light Scheme feat. Ummagma
49. Jaguwar – Muffhead
50. The Daysleepers – Dream Within a Dreamworld

Is there a lot NOT on this list? Sure. It was a damn good year. It’s only a crime that some quality releases didn’t quite make the cut. But we’re not going to apologize, we’re going to say THANKS. Thanks not only for the artists and quality releases listed here, but for the top-notch tracks that didn’t make the cut, but should have. Congratulations to the artists and labels that helped make it a banner year. Here’s to 2015!

Listener Poll Results (partial)

1. Static Daydream – Static Daydream – Inside
2. Car Crash Sisters – Automatic
3. Stella Diana – Edward Teach
4. Sounds of Sputnik – Overdrive feat. Ummagma
5. Sounds of Sputnik – Light Scheme feat. Ummagma

New Tracks Weekend kicks off with prerelease joy from Moonbell, whose album Afterlives releases April 1st. Add more prerelease awesomeness from Chicago’s Cassettes on Tape, whose Murmuration EP drops imminently, and has been spinning constantly in our studios for the last 48 hours. Hard to decide what not to play from that release. Pile on some Wicked Walls, Eternal Summers, Spotlight Kid, shalloboi, Duelectrum, Eagulls, Vibragun, Los Hotpants and season with Alcest, shake and bake! All weekend, this weekend. Half of staff will be attending to New Tracks Weekend, while half will be attending the first show on the Conheartist tour this weekend. It’s a great time for new music!

8 pm Eastern, 5 pm Pacific, and continuing through Sunday at midnight Eastern, 9 Pacific. It’s the first weekend we’ll spin some of these tracks, and may be the last weekend for some others. Live365 listeners: it’s your votes that count! Your thumbs-up / thumbs down ratings determine what is kept in permanent buy metronidazole cream uk rotation. Listen via the Live365 station page at DKFM, on iTunes Internet Radio under “Eclectic”, and on TuneIn Radio for iPhone/Android/Windows. Latin America relay: try Radio Terra. And commercial-free everywhere! You can even keep up with the new tracks and artists you may have missed: we’re live-scrobbling via our last.fm profile. Now you’ll know what you heard, or catch up on what you missed. Full (we think?) artist listing follows:

Ash Code
Be Forest
Blackbird Blackbird
Bleeding Rainbow
The Blurry Empire
Blush Response
Cassettes on Tape
Coctail Twins
crisis arm
Dead Leaf Echo
Delay Trees
Dum Dum Girls
Eternal Summers
Fixing Bayonets
Flying Cape Experience
Grey Zine
Hooton Tennis Club
KSAS (Karol Schwarz All Stars)
Leave the Planet
Lilies on Mars
Lorelle Meets the Obsolete
Los Hotpants
Makaras Pen
Manon meurt
Matt Bartram
Mode Moderne
Modern Charms
Orange Aurora
Pastel Ghost
Phone Home
Positive No
Roku Music
Savage Sister
September Girls
Shady Elders
She Sir
Shocking Pinks
Silversun Pickups
Soft Science
Sora Shima
Spotlight Kid
Static Daydream
Summer Hail
Sun Glitters
The Casket Girls
The Foreign Resort
The History of Colour TV
The Inkhearts
The Mary Onettes
The Open Feel
The Panic
Total Slacker
The Vera Violets
The Virgance
Virgo Rising
Web of Sunsets
The Wellington
Wicked Walls
Wild Moth
Woman’s Hour
Your Cannons
????? ????

Late, late, late.