DKFM needs you! Or, more specifically, we need your voice. Tell us who you are (first names only, please), where you’re from, and how you listen to DKFM. And we’ll get you on air. No, seriously! You can be as creative as you like, we reserve the right to edit for brevity, because, radio.

Something like this:
“My name is Jim, from Cornwall, and I listen to DKFM on TuneIn Radio.”
“I’m Jess, from Vancouver, I love Slowdive, and I listen to DKFM on Live365.”
“This is Ricardo, lifelong shoegazer from Valdivia, Chile, and I listen to DKFM on RadioTerra.”

Any variant on the above theme will work. English not required, so long as we can understand where you’re from and how you listen. You can record on your computer’s microphone, using the Voice Memo app on your smartphone, or whatever’s handy. Email your results to, and we’ll stitch them all together and get you on our air! As you share in our success, you should be represented on our station. And we’d love to have you. ♥


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