DJ Amber Crain has been the visionary behind the When The Sun Hits radio program for four years now, bringing the best and brightest of the shoegaze and dream pop scene. Originally launched on Strangeways Radio, When The Sun Hits became an oasis for lovers of reverb and tremolo. Her depth of knowledge, and her winning personality made her a cornerstone of the scene that celebrates itself.

Strangeways Radio closed its doors as a streaming radio station in early Summer of 2015, and we reached out to her before her final show even hit air. Doing what we do, and knowing what we know, there was simply no way we could allow a world without When The Sun Hits. Adding Amber’s unique imprint to DKFM was a natural fit, and something that probably should have been established years ago. After a short break, Amber re-launched When The Sun Hits on DKFM, reminding everyone why her brand is so important to this scene. 

When The Sun Hits airs every Wednesday evening, 10 pm Eastern, 7 pm Pacific, 2 am GMT (Thursday), repeating exactly twelve hours later (10a Eastern, 7a Pacific, 2 pm GMT). It’s appointment radio.

Read our interview with Amber of When The Sun Hits here.

When The Sun Hits