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Charts Show, June 2018

Written by on August 4, 2018

It’s not that we’re bad at keeping the website updated. Some may have noticed we’ve kept well current on New Tracks Weekend, but haven’t posted any public-facing documentation of our efforts. It’s not them, it’s not you, it’s us. Besides chasing My Bloody Valentine and Airiel up and down the state, we’ve been doing some battle with the database under the foundation of this website. You can have the loveliest, most engaging web platform in the world, but if nobody can see it, rather defeats the purpose. And nobody likes a defeated porpoise. Besides keeping current on the latest and freshest, we’ve been playing under the hood of the site, trying to address a few foundational issues. Not perfect, but better.

Shoegaze and Dream Pop Charts for June

And with all of that, we were still late to complete our June Charts Show. We make every effort to boost the top tracks, as voted by our listeners via the DKFM app. And it’s something we actually need, not just for rotation promotion, but for year-end charts ranking. So, permit us this bit of sonic housekeeping. We promise it’ll entertain and delight, so long as our presenter manages to limit the discourse. Press play below, and follow along!

Itemized in reverse order, this was what dominated the month of June. Remember, your votes count in promoting some of the best independent artists around the world!

15. fuvk – smile
14. Barrie – Canyons
13. Todavia – Sin Iris
12. Neighbor Lady – Let It Bleed
11. Pure Ghost – Grey Type
10. Kraus – Bum
9. Wild Meadows – Stay For A While
8. Thud – Ado
7. The Raveonettes – Ghost
6. Launder – Annie Blue
5. Linda Guilala – Mucho Mejor
4. Fun With Ether – Seana
3. Rose Dive – Reverie
2. Sobs – Telltale Signs
1. Soft Science – Undone

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