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Around here, we overcome a weird week with great music. It’s a healing balm, helps us overlook all form of issues. New Tracks Weekend wins the week. As a forinstance: the debut album from Moscow’s COSme (pictured above). Lead single “Newclear” proved to be a revelation, and each successive single built anticipation for this masterful […]

Up to date with the new releases, right up to those with today’s date stamp. We’re pushing the newest music from Sydney/Melbourne’s Key Out (pictured above), teasing their forthcoming album. We’re thrilled to get hands round the new, complete EP from 波卡利甜 Pocari Sweet, who’ve teased us in the past with their glorious sonic swells. Plus […]

We are literally overloaded. There’s so much great new music, it won’t fit. We’ll shove it all in and press it down anyway. From Philly’s always compelling Crown of Pity, to Austin’s continuing reverb dominance, in the imprint of Dottie (pictured above), there’s a veritable plethora of exceptional new tunes, and we’re thrilled to share […]

Thrilled to offer a video premiere for a project we weren’t familiar with, Starframes. It’s a warm and welcoming slice of electronic dream pop, with a classic bass line that will get your toes tapping immediately. Certainly started involuntary staff dancing in these studios! “Rising Wall” is the third single excerpt from Nicht Vergessen, the […]

A lot of folks were brokenhearted about the dissolution of the brilliant Australian band Miniatures. We would know, we were top of that list. By all accounts the breakup was amicable, geographic changes were the primary factor in the collapse of Miniatures following the release of their critically-acclaimed Jessamines LP on Saint Marie Records last […]

If you know us, you know Wildhoney. We’ve been bumping these incredible sounds from Baltimore since their first official EP, released back in 2013. They’ve only grown in stature and musical prowess ever since. From Seventeen Forever to Your Face Sideways, to their first full length LP Sleep Through It on Deranged Records, Wildhoney is […]

Are we overbooked? Of course we are. New Tracks Weekend this weekend features the freshest and brightest from the scene, domestically and around the world. We’ve even got a broadcast premiere or three. We’re bumping the new album from Trench (pictured), which should grab your attention immediately: epic, bendy, swoopy. And, no, we’ve never used […]

When you are so deluged with quality new music, you can spend literally all day, and still not feel you’ve done it justice. At some point, you’ve got to pull the pin and call it stellar. Of course it’s release day for The Daysleepers and Creation, their first new album in a decade. Was it […]

We’re packed in, ready for the weekend. Crept up to deadline worried that there wasn’t enough material. Once commenced to digging through the week’s fresh material, of course we’re overbooked. Me of little faith. New music from Wild Nothing (released today), Subsonic Eye (pictured above), and the long-awaited XO release (previewed here). And that’s just […]

Even with their first release in April 2017, Glare proved they were no fluke. When you think of Texas hotspots for shoegaze and churning guitar waves, the Rio Grande Valley doesn’t pop immediately to mind. At the southernmost tip of South Texas, only the Rio Grande River separates it from Mexico. But you’re not here […]