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We opened this month’s DreamGaze Worldwide III presentation with textural magic. Brilliant sets from Star Tropics, Animal Ghosts, 93MillionMilesFromTheSun, and The City Gates welcomed the world to our odd little corner of sonic excellence, and set the tone for all that was to follow. Setting a high bar. It’s what we do. DreamGaze Worldwide III, […]

There is so much to recommend in this, the second hour of our DreamGaze Worldwide III presentation. A world premiere song and video from New Age Healers, featuring guest appearances from Katie Haley (Soft Science), Jim Biggs (Black Nite Crash), and My Young (Jupe Jupe), with proceeds to benefit Seattle’s Creative Justice nonprofit. And it’s […]

The third hour of this month’s DreamGaze Worldwide virtual festival has something for every taste. Magic moments are brought to bear from Newmoon, The Veldt, Tears Run Rings, Eternal Something, Daniel Land, Resplandor, and Soon She Said. It’s almost all the entertainment you’ll ever need. Except for hours one and two, and four through eight. […]

If this was a show down the street, admit it, you’d wait in line for hours to see it live. I bloody well would. Chapter Four of this month’s DreamGaze Worldwide presentation is wall-to-wall gold, with fresh performances from Tallies, Grivo, El Lago, Soft Wounds, plus rarely-seen footage from Plastic Girl In Closet, and Panda […]

If you’re not the world’s biggest Facespace fan (I’m not, I get it. – ed.), some were frustrated they couldn’t see our epic DreamGaze presentation live as it unfolded. Fear not, we know you, we love you, and we wouldn’t leave you hanging. Chapter five brought brilliance from Bathe Alone, NIIGHTS, ThunderStars, Twin Oaks, Fryturama […]

Packed hour-for-hour with world class performances, this month’s edition of DreamGaze Worldwide provided both refreshment and education for a joy-hungry world. This hour’s installment includes exclusive performances from Postcards, Citrus Clouds, Todavia, and Meadowlake. There’s not a miss in the bunch, and we guarantee you’ll be charmed throughout, or your money back (it was free […]

Amazing performances and special moments provided the magic in this month’s DreamGaze Worldwide presentation. Chapter Seven provided classic performance footage from cruyff in the bedroom and Clustersun, a world premiere song and long-form video from Presents for Sally, and an exclusive performance from WYWY. DreamGaze Worldwide III, Chapter Seven Our SEVENTH chapter of the epic […]

The closing hour of our DreamGaze Worldwide III presentation …isn’t actually an hour. Forty minutes, just to be certain that every excellent band who had the desire to participate got representation, and time to shine. And they did exactly that. With performances from Audiobaton (pictured above), Slowly, Distant Creatures, Bludhood, With Hidden Noise and more, […]

There aren’t enough column inches to describe what we’ve put together for this weekend’s DreamGaze Worldwide presentation. Superlatives like “new”, “rare”, “never-before-seen” fail to do justice to just what’s been put together for our live virtual festival this weekend. We’ll just enumerate a few highlights for you. New Age Healers (pictured above): The Seattle post-psychedelic […]

We’re booked solid with fresh sounds for your ears! New album deep-dives from Wray, Momma, and Sciflyer (pictured above from Seagaze Festival) headline the weekend. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’re digging into sonic adventures from Tonemirror, Sunspire, Young Lovers, Slow Planet, NewDad, Sunbeam Sound Machine, Dosser, Micra, Fowl Science, Mashmellow, Found […]