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June 26, 2018

A music nerd is just a nerd with earbuds. Having been fans and boosters of Toronto’s Iris since their first single “Fix Me” landed hard in our consciousness, we’ve been Iris nerds. Sure, there’s been a bump or two along the road for the Iris squad, but they were always about the songs. And you could […]

So much to share for New Tracks Weekend. We’ve got hands on the new single from Belgium’s Slow Crush (pictured above), which got us all bendy at the knees. For those wondering if there would ever be a follow-up to last May’s Ease EP? The forthcoming Aurora LP is set to prove dominant in this […]

Even right up to deadline, we’re plucking fresh tunes and putting them in the weekend basket. New covers from Daydream Cathedral and Verdigrls are pure gold. The long-awaited debut album from Movie Brain (pictured above) is finally upon us. New singles from The Surrounded, Nylon Smile, flirting, Corasandel, The Visceral Pleasure, Linda Guilala (first broke […]

Ambition, combined with great pop hooks We’d last buzzed about Linda Guilala when we were graced with the world premiere of their video for the sparkling single “Primavera Negra” in January. That single went on to make a dent in not only our charts, but powerhouse alternative stations worldwide, including KEXP. No small feat, when […]

All new, all now, let’s go! Distant Light, the new album from Tape Waves (pictured above) dropped two days ago, and regular listeners know to count on these capable Charlestonians for solid dream pop shimmer. The new single from Nothing loosed the other day, and nobody noticed. Okay, everyone noticed. The lead single from Dance […]

We’re loaded with new music. From this morning’s announcement of the first new music in sixteen years from The Emerald Down (assisted ably by members of Orange Crate Art, The Telescopes, and 93MillionMilesFromTheSun), to the sneak preview from Singapore’s Sobs (pictured above), whose debut album “Telltale Signs” drops later this month, to the new album […]

It should come as no surprise when we say we have more quality new music than we have time to spin. We’ll try to do it anyway. Proud to feature the new double single from Thud (pictured above), who have only grown and focused over time, producing some shimmering and tuneful songs that are sure […]

So much new music, we built a weekend around it. Sparkling new tunes from Swirlpool, Daze (TX), Crash Dept, Drop Like Stars, Silver Dapple, SHUN, if only there were angels, Pale Sun, Hundredth, Medio September, Spring Winds, The Smilies, The Terminal Voyeurs, The Us, Angel Falls, Them Are Us Too, and surely more that we’ve forgot to […]

So much beauty is released today, and this week. A few titles we’ve pushed to the fore, should come as no surprise: Terra Pines’ (pictured above) self-titled debut shines, as we knew it would. Beach House steps up their sonic game on 7, and Pinkshinyultrablast travel ever further down the rabbit hole on their new […]

LA’s Sleep Still have got these studios abuzz in the last three weeks. The torrid debut single is instantly catchy, with layers of luscious guitar, overlaid by rich and sweet vocal harmonies from guitarist Scott Whelan (previously known for his work with metal core band Haste the Day) and keyboardist Mariam McCarthy (known to our […]