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New Tracks Weekend

It’s got to be an embarrassment when the year is less than two weeks old, and the album of the year is released. Surely could have allowed others to catch up? No, Tallies dropped their self-titled debut album on Hand Drawn Dracula, and suddenly everyone else is on notice. This capable crew mines a vein […]

We’re simultaneously programming while building out the new website, coming soon. Possibly malnourished and slightly lightheaded. So what? This is what we signed up for, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. This weekend were chuffed to trot out the fresh sounds from Elsa (pictured above) whose new (and possibly final as a full […]

Up-to-the-minute fresh tracks, we’re loading in even as we share the new musical jewels. The final pre-release single from NIIGHTS (pictured above) is perhaps the most compelling from the forthcoming album, and it’ll grab and shake you, even if you’re prepared to be shaken. We’re flush with new music from Wyldest, LLOLLYANNA, cmfrtble, Grabbel and […]

We are fully overbooked for the weekend, filled beyond capacity with the newest releases. No matter that we broke the website twice in the last week, lost a month’s worth of data, pushed our first three-hour Mixcloud-only special in the past week… all of that is tangential to the point: we’re flush to the gills […]

So much fresh this weekend, so many headliner-worthy releases. Along with the new single from Blushing, we’re repping the amazing new album from The Alisons (pictured above). This Kingston, Ontario three-piece is making a joyous noise that simply demands your attention. We’ve finally got hands on the new Single Lash LP, released today on Holodeck […]

If we’re late, it’s not a shock. So much new music this week, compiling and recompiling playlists for your consideration should come as no surprise. From the return of station favorites Balms, Contrast and Indoor Voices, to fresh gems from Kero Kero Bonito, Lilac Melt, Manon meurt, Chasms, Darksoft, Did You Die… we’re well overbooked. […]

Around here, we overcome a weird week with great music. It’s a healing balm, helps us overlook all form of issues. New Tracks Weekend wins the week. As a forinstance: the debut album from Moscow’s COSme (pictured above). Lead single “Newclear” proved to be a revelation, and each successive single built anticipation for this masterful […]

Up to date with the new releases, right up to those with today’s date stamp. We’re pushing the newest music from Sydney/Melbourne’s Key Out (pictured above), teasing their forthcoming album. We’re thrilled to get hands round the new, complete EP from 波卡利甜 Pocari Sweet, who’ve teased us in the past with their glorious sonic swells. Plus […]

We are literally overloaded. There’s so much great new music, it won’t fit. We’ll shove it all in and press it down anyway. From Philly’s always compelling Crown of Pity, to Austin’s continuing reverb dominance, in the imprint of Dottie (pictured above), there’s a veritable plethora of exceptional new tunes, and we’re thrilled to share […]

Are we overbooked? Of course we are. New Tracks Weekend this weekend features the freshest and brightest from the scene, domestically and around the world. We’ve even got a broadcast premiere or three. We’re bumping the new album from Trench (pictured), which should grab your attention immediately: epic, bendy, swoopy. And, no, we’ve never used […]