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When you are so deluged with quality new music, you can spend literally all day, and still not feel you’ve done it justice. At some point, you’ve got to pull the pin and call it stellar. Of course it’s release day for The Daysleepers and Creation, their first new album in a decade. Was it […]

We’re packed in, ready for the weekend. Crept up to deadline worried that there wasn’t enough material. Once commenced to digging through the week’s fresh material, of course we’re overbooked. Me of little faith. New music from Wild Nothing (released today), Subsonic Eye (pictured above), and the long-awaited XO release (previewed here). And that’s just […]

Too much new stuff. This weekend we’re thrilled to push through a few choice cuts from next week’s album release by Many Voices Speak. We’ve been spinning the first single from the Tank Town LP (and gotten great response), but now we’ve got hands on the rest of the album, and there’s some real dream […]

Mercury is in Gatorade, so of course we’re beset by technical errors, both broadcast and website. Because, shoegaze is torture. At least it is for us, this week, as we try to professionally present it. Okay, professionally may be too strong a word… long story short, rebuilt key components of the website to restore speed, […]

Bet you thought we weren’t posting New Tracks Weekend rosters anymore. You couldn’t be blamed for making that assumption. Rest assured, even if we haven’t been publishing our new tracks promo, we have kept rotation regularly updated with the freshest material available.When it comes down to it, it’s what’s on your radio that takes precedence […]

As we plug in and spin up the new music we’ve got hands ’round, it’s obvious: we’re gonna need a bigger shovel. New shiny treats from Seasurfer (sneak peek, releasing soon on Saint Marie Records), Yukia Down, Tennis System, Whitelands, Vallens, thelakesidedrive, The Orchids, Tender Age, Resounding No, Meeks (broken little sister revisits their Beatles […]

Weekends like this, we consider ourselves lucky. There’s simply so much to share, and we think you’ll fall in love just as we have. First and foremost: the new album from Pastel Dream (pictured above). While we as a staff are working on our list of top albums of the first half of 2018, Pastel […]

New, and newly discovered classics abound this weekend. We’re chuffed to roll out some Pure Ghost this weekend (pictured above). We buzzed about them last year for their III EP, but this South Carolina team keeps getting better. Of course we’re spinning the new single from Iris (premiered here), as well as LTC (formerly Lights […]

So much to share for New Tracks Weekend. We’ve got hands on the new single from Belgium’s Slow Crush (pictured above), which got us all bendy at the knees. For those wondering if there would ever be a follow-up to last May’s Ease EP? The forthcoming Aurora LP is set to prove dominant in this […]

Even right up to deadline, we’re plucking fresh tunes and putting them in the weekend basket. New covers from Daydream Cathedral and Verdigrls are pure gold. The long-awaited debut album from Movie Brain (pictured above) is finally upon us. New singles from The Surrounded, Nylon Smile, flirting, Corasandel, The Visceral Pleasure, Linda Guilala (first broke […]