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All new, all now, let’s go! Distant Light, the new album from Tape Waves (pictured above) dropped two days ago, and regular listeners know to count on these capable Charlestonians for solid dream pop shimmer. The new single from Nothing loosed the other day, and nobody noticed. Okay, everyone noticed. The lead single from Dance […]

It should come as no surprise when we say we have more quality new music than we have time to spin. We’ll try to do it anyway. Proud to feature the new double single from Thud (pictured above), who have only grown and focused over time, producing some shimmering and tuneful songs that are sure […]

So much new music, we built a weekend around it. Sparkling new tunes from Swirlpool, Daze (TX), Crash Dept, Drop Like Stars, Silver Dapple, SHUN, if only there were angels, Pale Sun, Hundredth, Medio September, Spring Winds, The Smilies, The Terminal Voyeurs, The Us, Angel Falls, Them Are Us Too, and surely more that we’ve forgot to […]

So much beauty is released today, and this week. A few titles we’ve pushed to the fore, should come as no surprise: Terra Pines’ (pictured above) self-titled debut shines, as we knew it would. Beach House steps up their sonic game on 7, and Pinkshinyultrablast travel ever further down the rabbit hole on their new […]

We’re slowly catching up after the awesome craziness of Seagaze Festival. Apologies for not updating promotion on the artists we’ve been adding to New Tracks Weekend, as remote management allows us to keep on-air systems up to date, but the web interface, not so much. And we have so much to catch you up on! […]

What better day than Friday the 13th for all the new music to be released? Whether it be Say Sue Me (pictured), with their brilliant and engaging new album Where We Were Together, to the long-awaited new album from A Place to Bury Strangers, constructing mammoth walls of sound on Pinned, it’s a fully epic […]

It’s chaos when all the hot new releases land at once. Here we are. The epic new LP from Blush Response (pictured above) arrived this week, and it’s all we’ve been listening to. The new album from Winter dropped late last night, and we’ve been yelling about it wherever possible. The new Bloody Knives LP […]

So much still to sort through from DreamGaze ATX, we’ve barely begun to recover from the trek. But so many great memories, impressive band performances, and wonderful shoegaze fans made it a smashing success. Surely this won’t be our last journey to spread love in Austin. Having said all that… we still have new music […]

Fresh new music abounds, and we’ve loaded it in this weekend. Join us for fresh sounds from Sacramento’s Soft Science (pictured above), The Raveonettes, Tiny Fireflies, Ten Million Lights, The Yellow Traffic Light (we simply must stop abusing one of their classic singles for our show themes – Ed.), Kraus, Heaven, Drowse, Alles Club, Nah…, […]

It’s not that we’re overbooked with new music (we usually are), it’s that we’re overbooked with headliners. Air Formation has returned with their first new album in eight years, and that deserves the headline. How could it not? With the exceptional history they have, surely they’ve earned headliner status. The new LP from KLASS II […]