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All of the new music came out this week. All of it. Running gag in the DKFM Facebook group, everybody marked March 1 on calendar, and everybody of note released on the same day. And we’ve had to purge a great deal from the weekend rotation to make room for the sparkling additions from this […]

New and pre-release music from everywhere, plus a few recent releases we haven’t caught up to yet. We’re celebrating the return of Beach Vacation, last seen when we’d spun them in 2013, and have since seen on milk cartons around Washington state. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. We catch up with Our Girl, formerly Soph […]

The new Lowtide album is finally out. So that’s a celebration. The Ride EP is finally fully released, so that’s a celebration. The new Dead Vibrations is in hand, and it’s got glorious fuzz all over it. Brilliant new music from Dean Garcia’s new side-piece, Blurred City Lights, and today’s release of the debut LP […]

New music, fresh broadcast premieres. We’re loaded for the weekend, and anxious to share! First premiere: Singapore’s Cosmic Child (pictured above), whose second LP Blue lands on 24 February in multiple formats, on the Middle Class Cigars label. Next premiere: two new and sparkling tracks from the upcoming debut album from Never Come Downs. The […]

Bounty. So much new material, Among the stars we celebrate this weekend: the new EP from Collapse (pictured above), and striking new tunes we’ve somehow not been aware of ’til now from Toronto’s Away Forward. New releases abound from All About Rockets, Sonder, Bolinas, Dama Scout, Frankenchrist, dreamswell, Daysee, Creature In The Spiral, Meringue, Nameless […]

New and pre-release singles dropped from the heavens this week, and there’s a veritable plethora of them. Angel Falls, Bellavista, Blackflower, Nostalgist, Fawns of Love, Launder (Zachary Cole Smith of DIIV), Night Flowers… so much so new. Plus the full release of the Blushing debut EP dropped late last night, and the control room dances […]

Fresh weekend, fresh mix, fresh tune age. New music from everywhere. New double-single from Crystal Canyon (pictured) is worth cheering. New singles from Lebend, Expelled From Space, a charming Moscow Olympics remix (tip of the cap, hale and farewell to Beko Disques, who’ve announced they’re folding their tent after many years of bedroom pop excellence). Plus […]

Did nobody take the Winter holidays off? So many new releases! Well, so much the better for us (and for you, the listener). New music from Brazil, from upstart shoegazers Terraplana (pictured above), whose exílio EP is rich and full of youthful charm. Of course we’ve got the new single from Linda Guilala, which we had […]

An embarrassment of riches. This week’s haul of new musical treasures is pretty big, even by our standards. This weekend we feature two new singles from The Malady of Sevendials, who cut a huge figure at last year’s Seagaze Festival (pictured above, image copyright Chris Schanz Photography). We’ll see if these impressive musicians don’t earn […]

Kicking the old year off right. New tracks this weekend include a premiere from Russia’s COSme, plus we catch up with Geowulf (pictured above), in advance of their LP release next month. New music from Lillet Blanc always a good call, plus Softspot, The Churchill Garden, Neaux, Candy, Mary’s Restless Dream, Caramel Snow, and some […]