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If you’re dealing with last-minute holiday chaos, take us with you. We’ll not only keep you company, we’ll entertain you with the freshest new tunes available. Kicking off with Muso Asia’s top LP for 2017, For Tracy Hyde has captured hearts worldwide for their full-length he(r)art album, and it’s a jewel. Not available on Bandcamp, […]

Listener poll complete, albums of the year lists final, first-ever Christmas show done, normal New Tracks Weekend programming can resume. And there’s much new (and one old discovery) to explore. The new album from Heligioland is a journey through evocative sonic atmospheres. The newly-unearthed Sway LP, We Have No Influential Friends is a treasured keepsake […]

New Tracks Weekend this weekend features world premieres and the freshest new releases. Fresh premieres include new singles from Never Come Downs and Blacanova (pictured above, photo courtesy Amaya Granell), both demand your undivided attention. New music releases include today’s full album from Blush (we tipped you off early on this one, and we think […]

When you’re scrabbling for new music for New Tracks Weekend, then find a veritable plethora of awesome tunes literally begging for your attention… well, you just feel dumb. Because there’s new and sparkly freshness just waiting to be uncovered. Start with “Blue Sun”, the brand new single from Indonesia’s Hellens (pictured above). We’ve been looking […]

New Tracks Weekend presents tunes so fresh, you can hardly call them leftovers. We’re deep into the new LP from Mexico’s Car Crash Sisters, and the new Static Waves 6 compilation via Saint Marie Records. That’d fill a weekend already, but we’re far from done. New music from Beatastic, Billow, The Citradels, Dopedrone, Ethica, frankenchrist, […]

Well of course we’re late. What with cross-country travel, several epic shows, and yesterday’s rollout of our new billboard (inorite?), we’re getting things done. Just a tad slower than usual. We’re still behind on submissions and some new music, but catching up. This weekend, we celebrate the release of the new album from Gingerlys, which […]

The Calm After the Storm… Yes, we spun a new configuration of New Tracks Weekend last weekend, but given all the events of last weekend (Kalamashoegazer, Panda Riot/Brief Candles/Lightfoils, Slowdive), we didn’t properly promote the new material. Yes, you are all due a travelogue on last week’s epic midwestern swing by DKFM staff, but we’re […]

It’s Brief Candles week. With all the newness we’ve shoveled into the big weekend, Brief Candles’ new LP stands head and shoulders above the rest, and not just because it seems we’ve waited forever for it. So we’ll be celebrating that release this weekend, and many weeks to come. But we have so much more […]

Swimming through chaos, as well as the joy of new releases. We’re thrilled to welcome the return of Mexico’s Sadfields, whose Homesick EP reminds us why we fell for them in the first place: Mood, texture, color, drama, with feels to spare. We’re thrilled to provide a sneak preview of the forthcoming Aerofall LP, Forms, […]

New release bonanza! Everybody’s long-awaited favorites are released today. Some thought we might not get a new LP from Airiel before the next extinction-level event, but ours is a just God. Molten Young Lovers is out today on Shelflife, and Airiel (pictured above, in a throwback to their boy band days) delivers all they’ve promised, […]