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New Tracks Weekend

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A new weekend means a new boatload of fresh tracks begging your attention and devotion. We’ll spin choice cuts from the forthcoming Pia Fraus LP, Field Ceremony, due next week on Shelflife Records. We’re also heavy-rotating the new singles from The Daysleepers, Candace, Tearjerker, Submeet, Biltmore Dive, A Thousand Hours, Cloakroom, Lanark, Secret Meadow, Vast […]

As we flip the calendar page on another month, we’re packed with the new releases. From Paris, Pencey Sloe (pictured above) bring amazing tunes with post-rock flourishes. Find of the week. From Englishtown, New Jersey, the sparkling Lyons brings the surf jangles with style. The Cherry Wave dropped their new Close EP today, and Oakland’s […]

When there’s so much new music to promote that we can’t even keep our dates straight? That’s a helluva month. And we’re topping last week already (but we’ll keep dates accurate this time). Airiel and Miniatures headline. Both albums dropping soon, surely you’ve preordered by now? But we’ve also been granted a few choice cuts […]

Thinking it might be a slow weekend for new music, we sort of went into cruise control. Wrong. Always wrong. We have the honor of previewing next week’s release of When The Sun Hits (the band, not the blog, or the classic Slowdive song) on Saint Marie Records. Immersed Within Your Eyes drops next week, […]

Another fresh weekend brings a fresh boatload of new music. Hot on the heels of our Peabody Award win, we’re back to normal (if you can call any of what we do “normal”), and ready to celebrate the newness. New albums from Infinity Girl and L.A. Witch (pictured, above), plus new EPs from The City […]

In a week where we’ve found DKFM is nominated for a second online radio award, it’s hard to keep our heads from spinning. But we’re here for you, and for new, and we’ve got plenty of both to keep everyone satisfied. From today’s release of Panda Riot’s Part Time Punks Session (brilliantly executed, that), to […]

Breaking new releases first. It’s a damn fine week for us, as we were shortlisted for 2017 Best Online Station: North America via the Online Radio Awards, sponsored by Mixcloud. Planting a flag for shoegaze and dream pop, as we do. We’re not exactly apologetic about this music, either. So there’s that. But we have […]

There is no break from the new, not now, not ever. We’re proudly pushing the newest albums from Cloakroom, Season of Strangers, Honeyrude, Black Nite Crash, A Certain Smile, and New Age Healers, new EPs from navyblue (pictured above), COSme, and DAZE, plus the freshest singles from Hypnotic Kingdom (ex Cheatahs), Yumi Zouma, Plasticstatic, Cat […]

Amidst a wash of new releases, we’re also beset with difficulties with our carrier network, which is collapsing and restarting servers along the chain. We soldier on. The new LP from Elsa (pictured above), plus the long-awaited return of PARLOUR (if it seems like it’s been years, you’re not far wrong). New music from Palm […]

Packed in with all the new, all at once. Headliners include Lowtide, returning with a sparkling single, the rest of the new Softsurf debut EP makes it into rotation (finally!), new Knifeplay we’ve been buzzing about, pre-release music from the new Crash City Saints LP (previewed here), due next week. New treasures from The Sorry […]