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Heretic’s Picks: Albums of 2018

Created on December 24, 2018

The best year for top-notch shoegaze and dream pop albums since… well, maybe ever. And that’s saying something. So much, so good, so competitive, 2018 presents a real challenge for those picking out the best of the best. A great position for us as a radio station, and for all fans of the genre. Bear in mind: when it comes to albums, we all have our favorites. These choices are purely subjective, your results may vary. It wouldn’t kill me to do a Top 50 albums list, but that’s not gonna happen this (or any) year. Lastly, the minutiae: for my purposes, Lightfoils’ Chambers qualifies as an EP, but as such, probably the EP of the Year, followed by Tears Run Rings and Lo! Peninsula. Also, Away Forward (self-titled LP) released late 2017, we only came across it in early 2018, but if it were released this year, would have given most of the below list a run for their money.