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Streaming Premiere: Moon Museum – “With You”

Written by on March 28, 2021

Among the things we hate: we hate being late to a quality new artist/band creating solidly credible songs. We were several weeks late to to Moon Museum, a San Francisco quartet that brings impressive songcraft, built atop walls of sound, deftly mixed and presented like a sonic gift. It’s not often you find a band bringing this level of professionalism to a debut release, but when we backed into “Pleasures of Peace” on Bandcamp, those of us in Studio Five rather dropped what we were doing and paid attention. Songcraft, arrangement, instrumentation, production and mastering, all sharply focused, aligned to pique the interest of even the casual listener. While you could draw some parallels with modern shoegaze/dream pop heavy hitters, this is a presentation really all their own. By the time “Pleasures of Peace” arrives at chorus, triumphant yet lightly haunted, you know Moon Museum has the pop skills to write the songs, and the chops to execute flawlessly. Even the emptier spaces, not filled with hazy guitar, give the crescendos that much more of an impact.

We’re thrilled to be able to present the premiere of the new single from Moon Museum, releasing April 2nd (and a Bandcamp fee-free Friday, at that!) into the wider world. A little sludgier, a little more epic, no less anthemic. Each player brings something special to the presentation, from the chugging rhythm section, crunchy guitar, crisp yet abrasive lead, and Olivia Barchard’s sugary “ooooohs” atop the chorus. It’s a stomper, and it’ll get stuck in your head with repeated listens. Press play on “With You”, and read below about how this song came together.

We were lucky to get each of the artists to talk about how “With You” was formed, and what they brought to the effort.

Olivia Barchard (vocals): “The song started as a demo I had written, but I wanted it to have a heavier textural sound and I knew bringing it in to the band would get it there. We experimented with different amp combos and pedals in the studio and landed on something that really gave the song its character.”

Ian Zazueta (lead guitar): “I really connected with the guitar work on this song.  It ranged from being complementary to verging on chaos. I also love the reverb chamber we made with the bathroom hallway and a bunch of amps–this gave the guitars their a huge sound.”

Ryan Joseph (bass/guitar/vocals): “The song was moving in a great direction already, so just getting the right groove on bass was all it needed.  I used a 60s hollowbody with flatwounds and it had all the vibe in the world.”

Aaron Hazen (drums): “We tried a few drum approaches and driving toms seemed to compliment the vocals and layered guitars perfectly.”

Anything that comes together this crisply, with this level of skill, takes a full team effort to pull off successfully. The Moon Museum team has done it, twice. Only makes you anticipate what comes next. The good news: they’re currently in process of releasing other new music throughout 2021. Sounds like there will be much more to fall in love with through the year to come.

Follow Moon Museum via their website, on Bandcamp, Spotify and Facebook. And you’re certain to hear much more to come on these airwaves!

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