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Streaming Premiere – T. G. Shand

Written by on September 17, 2018

A lot of folks were brokenhearted about the dissolution of the brilliant Australian band Miniatures. We would know, we were top of that list. By all accounts the breakup was amicable, geographic changes were the primary factor in the collapse of Miniatures following the release of their critically-acclaimed Jessamines LP on Saint Marie Records last year. So it was with more than a little excitement we got opportunity to preview the newest project from one of the two primary songwriters, Annemarie Duff. And it brings us right back to some of the thrilling moments from Miniatures, in a very real and reassuring way.
We’re thrilled to present the streaming premiere of “Girls” from T. G. Shand. Press play, and read a little bit about how the project came about. Once the song starts, won’t take long. If you’re a regular listener, you’ll be caught up in the magic Annemarie weaves in no time.

Now based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Annemarie from Miniatures explores traditional dream pop structures with T. G. Shand, but always with her airy and uplifting vocals. It’s a lovely journey, start to finish. We asked how T. G. Shand came about.
After Miniatures disbanded last year I was missing shoegaze a lot, and listening to some awesome bands on repeat. I don’t really play guitar, but I bought a cheap one and started playing around. Girls was recorded in my living room using borrowed gear. It’s a really different sound to the electronic tracks I’d usually write as Mmdelai, so T. G. Shand started.”
So the obvious follow-up question: is there more where this magic came from?
At the moment this is the only full track that’s completed but I’m working on some other ideas that I expect will eventually make more tracks.”
With this level of quality, we’re ready. There needs be more like this.

Follow T. G. Shand on Facebook, Bandcamp, Spotify and Soundcloud. All three pages were established last week, so this is definitely cutting-edge news. Single released 18 September!

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