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Streaming Premiere: Teen Blush

Written by on August 9, 2019

Chicago’s Kenneth Foss is busting out. Okay, not so much “busting” as “shuffling”, in a casual, easy-to-know kind of way. His dream pop project, Teen Blush, is instantly warm and engaging. And the new single released by BIRTHDIY (NY lo-fi netlabel and subsidiary of the esteemed Spirit Goth Records) is in keeping with the aesthetic: jangly dream pop with a hazily propulsive groove. Teen Blush brings a sense of warmth and memory that belies Foss’ eighteen years on the planet, a mature sense of longing and loss. “Felt Like Home” sits neatly on your shelf between DIIV and Cigarettes After Sex, with Pixies-esque background wails and an 8-bit background squiggle that’ll bring back nostalgia for your Sega console. But never once do these sonic flourishes distract from the overall warmth of the song, they only fade in, like snatches of memory, and fade away.

Where did this come from? We asked Kenneth how this little slice of dream pop magic came into being. “I’m a young artist from a sleepy town in the Midwest. My musical influences vary from artists like Neon Indian to Vansire. I started making music a few years ago but only after going to some midwest emo shows around the Chicago area, it inspired me a lot to make music that reminded me of the feelings I had during and after the shows with my friends.”

If this is the starting gate for Teen Blush, can only imagine where this goes from here. “Felt Like Home” is sincere but direct, heartfelt but not maudlin. It’s the start of something special. And frankly, we’re here for it.

“Felt Like Home” lands on Bandcamp today. Follow Teen Blush on Spotify and Instagram. With any luck, there’s much more to come: rumors of a debut EP to come including this single, as well as the promise of a series of live shows around his native Chicago. Sounds like a plan.

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