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Video/Streaming Premiere: UNIFORMS – “Semana Satán”

Written by on September 2, 2020

First crossing our radar with their “EQUALS” EP at the dawn of 2018, dreamy Spanish noisegazers Uniforms have presented an unique and engaging sound: part bubblegum, part sludge, all charm. Sonically diverse, always finding the best arrangement and instrumentation to serve the song, Uniforms has never been afraid to go their own way. From spacey keyboard glitches to jangle riffs to fuzzy chords, it’s their sound. You can count on catchy (but cavernous) choruses to bring it home. And we’re all the better for it.

As a teaser for the forthcoming album Fantasía Moral, we’re thrilled to present the third single from the album with a video and streaming premiere of “Semana Satán”. The look is retro-futuristic, shot on 16mm by David Montes in Almería, Spain, and drawing from classic B-movie aesthetics and wide open spaces. The song itself opens with a sci-fi inspired icy synth, as neo-tribal drums slowly break through the expanse. Once the gentle guitar chimes in, you know this is an unfolding journey, and you’re simply waiting to see where Uniforms is taking you. Power chords kick in at 2:20, and you’d best be strapped in for the rest of the journey. Chorus is subtle, overlaying all, and you’re reminded that you’re inside someone else’s dream. You have no control over the destination, best to just enjoy the ride.

Visuals are a perfect complement to the sound, as kaleidoscopic harmonies are accompanied by technicolor overlays, and the sonic swirl is in full motion. They’ve put the work in, and it’s easy to see and hear the effort that went into putting this total package together. Uniforms is ready to break out big, and we’re betting you’ll love the results of their creativity as we do.

Uniforms describe the song as “…a heavy track peering out over an existential abyss: monotony, desperation, ennui… But we overcome that malaise with an ecstasy of distortion and some vocal hooks that by contrast sound almost crystalline.” Regarding the visuals: “Our intention with this video was to create a kind of dreamy, spatial and volatile atmosphere, located at galactic settings, that goes from desert to icy landscapes. Uniforms’ girls become friends with an alien with whom they share both funny and pretty intense times. Finally though, they have to say goodbye forever… but they’ll do in a magic and extrasensory way.”

The single “Semana Satán” is released on Friday, 4 September, via Bandcamp and all the usual streaming platforms. It serves as the final teaser for the LP Fantasía Moral, due 18 September, released on limited edition vinyl, CD, and digital formats. With preceding single “Eugenesia” getting heavy rotation on our air since release, can’t wait to hear what other treats are in store once the full album is unleashed. We’re grateful to be able to share this exclusive video premiere with you before release.

Follow the Uniforms crew on Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and YouTube.

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