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Jupiter Sprites – A Radiant Eclipse

Written by on September 23, 2020

We’ve been fans of Olympia, Washington’s Jupiter Sprites since first release in 2017, sharing their dreamy sonic soundtrack through their gummyblossom EP. Color, texture, creative construction, Jupiter Sprites always brought gorgeous new ideas to the dream pop space, and firmly stood behind them. There was always a wistful, life-affirming feel to their creative canon. 2019’s self-titled EP brought “Save The Mystery“, a long-term rotation staple on our airwaves, as it takes their signature warmth and extends it to all who have ears to hear.

In anticipation of next month’s Holographic LP, Jupiter Sprites have been quietly teasing out singles from the debut album, with a range of sounds and moods. When approached, we asked to get in line to premiere this one: “A Radiant Eclipse“. Shades of The Bilinda Butchers sonic stylings, crossed with a smoky 70’s soundfield, and a chorus that’ll bend your knees on first listen. It seems so instantaneously familiar, yet you’ve never heard it before, and surely not as magically presented as this.

Jupiter Sprites say of the single, “‘The song is inspired by getting in a car and driving down the coast of Oregon. It is the romance and introspection that arises from taking a spontaneous, much needed trip.” In this quarantine era, and what with wildfires burning up and down the west coast of the ‘States, this is an almost romantic remembering of what that journey feels like. Deceptively simple yet complex, much like the feelings it evokes, “A Radiant Eclipse” has been haunting my memory since first hearing, and we’re thrilled to present it here for your consideration. I suspect you’ll be hearing this tune often on our air as we head toward our “song of the year” lists. Sheer gorgeousness. And don’t we all need a little gorgeousness right about now?

Follow Jupiter Sprites via their Bandcamp site, as well as Twitter and Facebook. Holographic is due to be unleashed 16 October 2020, and it might just be the healing sound your soul requires.

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