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New Tracks Weekend, February 19-21

Written by on February 19, 2021

We bring the warmth to your frozen heart. Trauma Ray (pictured above) brings the fuzz to heat your chilly soul. Hey, that’s a live show photo! Remember when folks did live shows? Damn, those were the days… but we digress. We’re spinning up the fuzz, and the jangle, fresh all weekend. Prepare for new and soul-reviving tuneage from FRITZ, Juliper Sky, MØAA, No One Sphere, Citrus Clouds, Bad Idea, Hibou, Genders, Shoshy, Damen, ellenoir, Grrrl Gang, Daydream Cathedral, Waves Crashing, Tape Deck Mountain, Bad Visuals, GHLOW, White Flowers, Trillion, Flu Flu, Love Language, Creux Lies, Shesgot, Moon Cowboy (getting much buzz right now), NGC2020, R.M. Hendrix, Shimmerance, Twin Oaks, Under The Sun, Southwest Hotel, Shiny Times, and oh so much more. We’re ready for it!

And that’s in addition to last weekend’s fresh sonic injections, including UJU, Heligoland, Winter, Fauvely, XO, Fawning, Arima, cursetheknife, EGOISM, doused, Bedcover Scene, Lights That Change, Personal Space, Stay To Sleep, Echodrone, Specific Fruit, The Burying Kind, Escuelas Pías, BracketsBrackets, Gaadge, Far West, Kali Ma and the Garland of Arms, Galväo, Milly, Holy Ship, Local Authority, Gavin Medza, Sleeps Under Beams, Moody Beach, Reveries, Major Murphy, OutControlJoys, Mute Swan, Ousel, T. G. Shand, Order in Chaos, Phantom Wave, Moontype, The Young Love Scene, Teenage Wrist, The Crayon Set, and Taleen Kali. It’s more entertainment than your heart can bear.

New Tracks Weekend is launched at 8 pm Eastern, 5 pm Pacific, and continues through Sunday at midnight Eastern, 9 Pacific. It’s the first weekend we’ll spin some of these tracks, and may be the last weekend for some others. Remember, you can listen listen via the station playlist page at DKFM, on Icecast, and on TuneIn Radio for iPhone/Android/Windows. Plus we have our branded apps for Apple’s iOS and Android: listeners can vote on all the new tracks, helping us determine what graduates to permanent rotation. Your voice counts! We’re live-scrobbling once again via Now you’ll know what you heard, or catch up on what you missed. Keep up with our new Facebook group for some real-time discussions of what you’ve heard, and sound off!

And, as always, thanks for listening, and thank you for your support!

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