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Powerful forces dwell just beneath the murk. In the case of Maria False, the power is in the songcraft, snatches of attitude and confident lead lines, buried beneath the murk of light distortion and heavy tape manipulation, layer upon layer. It’s a heady confection, to be sure, but it draws you in even as it makes you dizzy. You may lose your bearings, but Maria False has become too adept at guiding you through the haze to simply leave you lost. The lead single from their new album When is a prime example of this mastery. “Shoot It” is the sound of a confident band who knows the sound from the inside out, and sculpts a work from the fragments of dreams.

Like the song, the video for “Shoot It” is woozy and layered. Motion, open fields and architecture all compete for supremacy through bokeh filters and pale green hues. DKFM is proud to present the video premiere for the Maria False single, “Shoot It”.

“Shoot It” is one of the most compelling songs on When, in an album full of compelling tracks, and is sure to end up on our year-end “Best Of” lists. Right from the opening chord of “Shoot It”, Maria False reminds you why you love this music.

Stream and purchase Maria False When at their Bandcamp site, purchase vinyl and CD via A Quick One Records. Follow Maria False on Facebook and Twitter.

All of four hours old, the amazingly tuneful Star Horse released the video for their new single, “Slower Now”. While we’re traditionally not “about” videos, it’s always amazing to see a credible independent band grab the medium by the horns and shake it. And last week’s release of the towering single cried out for some panoramic vistas and gritty accents. Classic 80’s/90’s basslines uplift slightly off-kilter chords, leading to Maja Thunberg’s sweet harmonies in the chorus. Certainly “Slower Now” will be in consideration for top 50 end-of-year lists when it’s all said and done.

For Sweden’s Star Horse, it’s an amazing refinement of their sound, and welcomes newcomers to explore the brilliant world they inhabit. It’s hard not to cheer from the sidelines when a really talented band comes into their own. Star Horse is NOW.

Check out Star Horse releases on Bandcamp, and follow them on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


If shoegaze and dream pop were a market, we’d be “long” Tennis System.

Why? What does this band do that others don’t? Songs. Hooks, feelings, musicianship, surely, but the key is songwriting. Ultimately our Tennis System fandom lies in the fact that they write quality songs, then bathe them in fuzz and shimmer. But the songs come first, they’re not an afterthought. This is key, in a genre that sometimes cuts corners, that in some cases is willing to settle for texture, color and reverb alone.

And it didn’t happen overnight. Tennis System have been through several lineups, and slogged it out in the trenches of recording and touring for years prior to the release of Technicolour Blind on PaperCup Music (our #6 Album of the Year in 2014). The album proved they were ready for the spotlight, and they’d got their how can i order flagyl online chops down. Now, on the eve of their month-long residency at The Echo in LA, Tennis System release a new video for ‘Such a Drag’, one of the more shimmering, wistful tracks on the album.

Quintessentially Los Angeles, the video for ‘Such a Drag’ by Wylde Co. gets both the locale and mood just right. These are feels, set to hooks, set to visuals, and it all comes into focus for the uninitiated. We dare you not to get hooked yourself.

Tennis System residency at The Echo began last night, and continues through the end of the month. If you’ve not caught Tennis System live, it’s a rare treat we wholeheartedly recommend.

Follow Tennis System via their website, on Facebook and Twitter, and pick up Technicolour Blind via PaperCup Music.






















The much-rumored US tour of Italy’s Be Forest is official as of this morning. If you’re on the West Coast (as we are), you’ll be able to catch them with Tennis System at most stops along the Pacific. But, as if that weren’t enough, Be Forest’s label We Were Never Being Boring simultaneously dropped a video for the band’s cover of the Beat Happening track “Indian Summer”.

Tennis System will be playing in support of their upcoming LP, Technicolor Blind, due October 21.

Be Forest – 2014 Tour Dates
10/22 – New York – Terrorbird CMJ Party @ Cake Shop
10/22 – New York @ CMJ – DROM
10/27 – Philadelphia @ Milkboy
11/02 – Cincinnati @ The Rake’s End w/JERK
11/03 – St. Louis @ Plush
11/04 – Chicago @ The Empty Bottle
11/05 – Milwaukee @ Quarters Rock ‘n Roll Palace w/Sat. Nite Duets
11/06 – San Diego @ The Hideout w/ Tennis System
11/07 – Tucson @ Solar Culture
11/08 – Phoenix @ Rips Bar – Obscura w/ Tennis System
11/10 – Los Angeles @ KXLU – Part Time Punks
11/11 – Los Angeles @ Los Globos w/Tennis System
11/12 – Oakland @ Night Light w/Tennis System
11/13 – San Francisco @ Knockout w/Tennis System
11/15 – Sacramento @ Witch Room w/ Tennis System
11/16 – Portland @ Rontom’s w/Ghost to Falco
11/18 – Seattle @ KEXP
11/19 – Coeur d’Alene @ Hanging Dcuk w/ Tennis System
11/21 – Seattle @ Hollow Earth w/ Tennis System
11/22 – Arcata @ The Alibi w/ Tennis System

One of our listener-voted top five singles of 2013 is now represented by a video, with news of a release date for the full album. The Lees of Memory teased everyone last year with a single that made us weak in the knees. Now “We Are Siamese” is a video, as well as a commercial / promise for the upcoming LP Sisyphus Says, due 9/16 on SideOneDummy and available for preorder.

The ex-Superdrag stalwarts couldn’t pick a better time to show off their chops, as the effects-laden sound itself has returned to vogue, and these cagey professionals can write a tune capable of outshining most of the current crop of coulda-beens. It’s not a Tennessee thing, it’s a professional musician mastery thing. If you weren’t aware of The Lees of Memory’s epic debut, it’s time to catch up.

Follow The Lees of Memory on Facebook, Twitter, and preorder the vinyl on SideOneDummy Records. #toldyouso

Roku Music dropped a new video this morning, all done up in luscious black and white, and reminding us once again that Australia demands (and has earned) a place at the table. Massively epic sounds paired with sweetly hushed vocals, Brisbane’s Roku Music restores both your spirit and your faith in the genre’s staying power.

The closing track from their impressive Collider LP, it’s just another pointer toward an album that should be in your collection already. Grab your copy here via Sonic Masala Records, and drift away on massive waves of shoegaze bliss.  They wrap their Australian tour this Saturday in their hometown, catch them if you can!

Follow Roku Music on Facebook, and their tour diary via the website at rokumusic.com.

DKFM is proud to premiere the music video for “Follow”, Crisis Arm’s first single from Caterwaul.

Dense, impressionistic, and full of cats. Crisis Arm drops their first video for “Follow”, and it’s a pretty perfect fit. Low-fi, DIY, more than a little hazy, and perfectly suited to their sound, Crisis Arm kicks it up a notch to promote the first single from their Caterwaul LP. This track has been in heavy rotation in our studios and on our airwaves since it first hit, so it’s a bit of a joy to see “Follow” in a whole new light. Also, it may compel you to wash your car.

Caterwaul is available now in cassette + mp3 format for a ridiculously low price from Family Time Records. Follow Crisis Arm on Facebook and Twitter. And, as always, hear them on DKFM.

We have a hate/hate relationship with Vimeo. Sometimes it quits before it really begins. So imagine how important it must be for us to share a Vimeo video with you. Yes, that important.

San Francisco’s One Hundred Percent have been kicking around for a little bit, we’d never heard or noted them til we got a note in our inbox. We fell in love with “Lowbar” within the first minute. The first single from their first full-length All Teeth and Nails, and it’ll grab you. We first rolled “Lowbar” out to our listeners October 11, the full album is released November 9 on 20 Sided buy metronidazole cheap online Records, and (having heard the sneak peek) there’s a number of jewels here we can’t wait for you to hear. If there is a dump nearby, these boys will blow the roof off it.

Lowbar from One Hundred Percent on Vimeo.

They describe themselves as a “loud-as-Hell” rock band, but we hear everything from Sonic Youth to MBV to U2 to Camper Van Beethoven. This “tidal wave of noise” may just save American rock and roll, ladies and gentlemen. Someone had to do it. And it’s about damn time.

Hate Vimeo? Listen here:

Follow One Hundred Percent on Facebook, Twitter, and at their website.

Videos are dropping hot and heavy around here, with two just today! Damnit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a VeeJay! Some of the best and the brightest in our scene are committing their sound to video, and the results are impressive. Posted in order of release:

The Foreign Resort, “Dead End Roads” single (available Sept. 30 via iTunes, Bandcamp and the usual suspects), with remixes by Screen Vinyl Image and Novachild. The classic TFR sound has returned, now visually accompanied by a lovely film noir.

Drowner, “Stay With Me” from Drowner’s new album You’re Beautiful, I Forgive You, out now on Saint Marie Records. The best of 2012 return to show they can get it done in 2013 without missing a beat.

Makaras Pen – “Mountain View”, available for a short time as a free download via their ReverbNation page. Makaras Pen has further refined their dream pop and shoegaze elements into a swirling, tuneful haze of bliss. Video dropped yesterday.

The Stargazer Lilies – “We Are The Dreamers”, title track from their forthcoming album. We Are The Dreamers releases October 22 via Graveface Records on LP & CD.

New PV from Waldo & Marsha? We’re in! Not often we get to see this team in action on this side of the pond, dreamgazing it up as only they can. Still hoping for the wider distribution and recognition these folks honestly deserve, but when they keep putting out compelling material, it won’t be long, buy flagyl online usa right? Check out the new Waldo & Marsha promo video for “All I Ever Knew”.

Backup vocalists: woodland birds. They work cheep.

Find Waldo & Marsha on Facebook, get the new album via iTunes DK, purchase vinyl and more via Discogs. And don’t tell anyone about our poor punmanship.