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Music in motion…

With interview and performance snippets, United Ghosts discuss their impending UK tour, the creative process, the new CD and more. And check out “Echo Lake”, also heard here on DKFM!

The self-titled album is in pre-order now, but can be found at their shows for a nominal fee, if you smile really nicely. The cover was designed by Shaun Durkan (from the band Weekend), and has a watery, gauzy feel, much like the album itself. We got the first copy sold!

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Released March 12 on their own Renovo label, Mahogany drops the video for their first single in years. What should you expect? Swirls, samples, sparkles, trains, intersecting lines and circles, ballet, cello, harpsichord(!) …and fully one-third is sung in French. Again, Andrew Prinz breaks all the rules by dropping eight minutes and calling it a ‘single’. But when it comes to Mahogany, would you really have it any other way?

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Published on Mar 7, 2013

Mahogany “Phase Break” digital single.
released March 12 2013 on Renovo, catalog Novo 1.

Jaclyn Slimm, singing, 12-string guitar & percussion.
Andrew Prinz, cello, 12-string guitar, harpsichord,
piano, drum machines, samplers, singing, sequencer,
modular & digital synthesizers, Arp synthesizer,
bass, drum kit & percussion.

Recorded & filmed in New York, Philadelphia,
Chicago, Seattle, Montreal & points between.

Directed by Jaclyn Slimm. Produced by Andrew Prinz.
Written by Andrew Prinz & Jaclyn Slimm.

© MMXII Renovo Music (SESAC).
All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

Jaw-dropping instant classic from kinoko teikoku (きのこ帝国)

From their first full-length album “eureka”. ユーリカ is a shriek of pain, a wash of bliss. This is a groundbreaking new track featured on “New Tracks Weekend” starting Friday night at 6:30 PST, running through Sunday night. Video clip courtesy DAIZAWA RECORDS/UK.PROJECT inc.