New music, fresh broadcast premieres. We’re loaded for the weekend, and anxious to share! First premiere: Singapore’s Cosmic Child (pictured above), whose second LP Blue lands on 24 February in multiple formats, on the Middle Class Cigars label. Next premiere: two new and sparkling tracks from the upcoming debut album from Never Come Downs. The Abyss LP arrives on CD 16 February on the Dut Dut Dut Dut label (we report, you decide), and follows two strong singles we’ve already pushed on our air. But so much more: new singles from Eyes No Eyes, Say Sue Me, Modern Time Machines, Kill the Moose, DAODA, Nova Flares, Soft Wounds, SeiSui, Kraus, Angel Falls, Expelled from Space, Céus de Abril, otom, and KLASS II. Plus we’ll catch up with the most recent releases from Echo Ladies, Themilo, Makthaverskan and Anna Burch. We’re overbooked.

And that’s in addition to last week’s fresh additions, including Collapse, Away Forward, All About Rockets, Sonder, Bolinas, Dama Scout, Frankenchrist, dreamswell, Daysee, Creature In The Spiral, Meringue, Nameless Dreampop, Nurse, Pale Shade, Relay Tapes, Tapeworms, Uniforms, Warm, Fuzzy Feeling, Vacations, Wild Meadows, Zombie Girlfriend, Lowtide, and Wozniak.

New Tracks Weekend kicks off 8 pm Eastern, 5 pm Pacific, and continuing through Sunday at midnight Eastern, 9 Pacific. It’s the first weekend we’ll spin some of these tracks, and may be the last weekend for some others. Remember, you can listen listen via the station playlist page at DKFM,  on Shoutcast, and on TuneIn Radio for iPhone/Android/Windows. Plus we have our NEW branded apps for Apple’s iOS and Android: listeners can vote on all the new tracks, helping us determine what graduates to permanent rotation. Your voice counts! Or load up the “Internet Radio” tab of your iTunes desktop client, and you’ll find DKFM Shoegaze Radio under ‘Alternative’. You can even keep up with the new tracks and artists you may have missed, as we’re live-tweeting every track on our sub-Twitter DKFMTracks account. Now you’ll know what you heard, or catch up on what you missed. Keep up with our new Facebook group for real-time discussions of what you’ve heard, and sound off!

And, as always, thanks for listening, and thank you for your support!
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