Mein gott in himmel! Tough enough coordinating an epic weekend of new music, but when iTunes Store and eMusic go down simultaneously, all bets are off. Was our hope to include Japan’s premiere shoegaze band, The Florist, but it looks like that may have to wait a bit. The good news? Brand new Kindling, in advance of their hotly-anticipated upcoming LP (preorders up now). Also, new Jay Som arrived today, and there was much rejoicing. New music from Caterwall, Sunshine, Miss Mobile Home, Space Waves, A Certain Smile, The White Tulips, Lake Ruth, Future Theory, Babaganouj, Whimsical, Soccer Mommy and much more. The Man may be tryina hold us back, but we’re on a mission from God.

That’s not to neglect last week’s fresh offerings, including TV Wonder, Pool Shop, T R A C E S, Programm, POKAL, Hideous Towns, The Casket Girls, Night School, Electric Starlight, The Fylls, Callière and more. We’re overbooked and overstressed to get all this in your ears. Let it wash over you.

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New Tracks Weekend kicks off 8 pm Eastern, 5 pm Pacific, and continuing through Sunday at midnight Eastern, 9 Pacific. It’s the first weekend we’ll spin some of these tracks, and may be the last weekend for some others. Listen via the station page at DKFM, on Shoutcast, and on TuneIn Radio for iPhone/Android/Windows. Plus we have our new branded apps for Apple’s iOS, Android and Blackberry. Or load up the “Internet Radio” tab of your iTunes desktop client, and you’ll find DKFM Shoegaze Radio under ‘Alternative’. You can even keep up with the new tracks and artists you may have missed: we’re live-scrobbling via our profile, and live-tweeting every track on our sub-Twitter DKFMTracks account. Now you’ll know what you heard, or catch up on what you missed.

And, as always, thanks for listening, and thank you for your support!