So much new, right now. We’re going long with the full LP from Newmoon (possibly our most anticipated release of the year), and that’d be enough to implode your weekend. But noooooo. The return of Vivienne Eastwood practically demands your attention, plus new music from station faves Angel Falls, Citrus Clouds, Starcleaner, Ghost Lake, Winter, Tape Deck Mountain, Teen Brains, Kimono Lights, and Golden Gardens, as well as new-to-us magic from The Beremy Jets, Dama Scout, Hood, Rainboard. Plus, a few premiere cuts from the forthcoming Echolust LP, which will damn sure get your motor humming. Finally, the return of C86 stalwarts The Wolfhounds, with three choice cuts that crossover into all your favorite genres. We’re packed solid, I’m telling you!

Of course, we’re still deep Kestrels, as well as Genders, Scarlina, Tearjerker, Arbes, Blossom, Slowly, Flyying Colours, True Widow, Pabst, Angelic Milk, Tosk, Alcest and The Infinite Seas.

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