We’re still shoveling in the sparkly new sounds and 3x world premieres! We kick off with a remix/reimagined world premiere from Introflirt, available later this weekend via Bandcamp. Another world premiere from The Common Men, with their unique burning post-punk/shoegaze fire. We follow up with world premiere music from Blackpool Astronomy, just signed to TBTCI Records (congrats all!), Perth, Australia’s FAIT, Portland’s Tender Age (now on tour), Austin’s dreamy Ultraviolet, the impressive return of Portland’s Is/Is, the jaw-dropping new EP from Doncaster’s 93millionmilesfromthesun (sure to be a rotation staple), a crush of new singles from Japan’s Plant Cell, recent dreamy classics from New Zealand’s Fazerdaze, new music from Ukraine’s LEΛVE, plus Night School, Jet Trash, Dott, No Honeymoon (released this morning!), Wunder Wunder, Daguerrotype, Voices from Deep Below, Tibican, Voluptuous Panic, Teenage Daydreams, Backward Houses, The Virgance, and The Master of Inane Conversation. The cherry on top is The White Cascade, whose long-player, Endless, drops 9/7 on Deep Space Recordings. This a woozy whirlwhind of sound that’ll have you checking your dosage. Probably our out-of-nowhere surprise of the year. Finally, we’re able to get the impressive songwriting talent Hazel English on our air. This is another you’ll want to follow, sure to bust out all over, and soooooooon.

Not to ignore the contributions of Jay Som, Leave the Planet, Silverbird, Blossom, Harbor, Weary Heads, Two Moons Merging, Charlatan, Tamaryn, Cheatahs, Blindness, Presents for Sally, Static Daydream, Milk Teeth, Kindling, Thrushes, Beach House, Daydream Cathedral, Season of Strangers and many more.

New Tracks Weekend kicks off 8 pm Eastern, 5 pm Pacific, and continuing through Sunday at midnight Eastern, 9 Pacific. It’s the first weekend we’ll spin some of these tracks, and may be the last weekend for some others. Live365 listeners: it’s your votes that count! Your thumbs-up / thumbs down ratings determine what is kept in permanent rotation. Listen via the Live365 station page at DKFM, on iTunes Internet Radio under “Eclectic”, and on TuneIn Radio for iPhone/Android/Windows. Latin America relay: try Radio Terra. And still commercial-free everywhere! You can even keep up with the new tracks and artists you may have missed: we’re live-scrobbling via our last.fm profile. Now you’ll know what you heard, or catch up on what you missed.

Everything is awesome.