It’s that time of year, dear listeners, and as always, your votes count! We’re compiling the best shoegaze and dream pop albums of 2014, and we need your input. There’s a lot of great music out this year, and this is by no means a complete listing. You may select up to three, and you are welcome to add albums not already listed. We do have some built-in cheat detection, so it’ll be difficult for a band or a fan to game the listener poll. References to Ariana Grande will be removed, unless she’s suddenly found the religion of reverb.


Minutiae: Albums count as a release of six songs or greater in one release. EPs are not gathered in this poll, which will have its own post. This poll closes December 5th, results will have a permanent home on this site.

12 thoughts on “2014 Shoegaze & Dream Pop Albums of the Year

  1. phil

    FYI, the “Other” option isn’t working correctly, at least on a Mac. I tried Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, and in all three of them I can’t see what I’m typing into the box. After I type, I can see what is in there, but I can’t see it while I type. Also, it’s not clear what to do if more than one of our top 3 is “Other”.

    Some other great albums from 2014 you might consider including in your list:
    We Need Secrets – Melancholy and the Archive
    Strata Florida – Made of Stars
    The Virgance – Lost Continent
    Medicine – Home Everywhere
    Spotlight Kid – Ten Thousand Hours

  2. Tim

    Lantlos – Melting Sun. I know it shares probably more in common with metal, but it has some pretty excellent shoegaze elements as well.

  3. matt catling

    The virgance are one of the best shoegaze act in suffolk since bleach, they,ll will be two end of the year (the best of 2014) shows on the reverb on ipswich community radio 24th and 31st december in the UK so tune in to that folks

  4. phil

    i was pleasantly surprised to find out today that The Virgance has a new album out. it has a release date of 26 January 2015, but it’s available on now. what i’ve heard so far sounds really good 🙂

  5. phil

    i just noticed that the entry for Stella Diana isn’t appearing correctly (at least for me). instead of:

    Stella Diana – 41 62 93

    it just says


  6. Wayne Guskind

    I must have been asleep at the switch. I just want to give a shout out to Wray’s album. Plus Lorelle & The Luxembourg Signal. Great list of bands and albums for sure.

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