Phase Two: The EPs. We’re compiling the best shoegaze and dream pop EPs of 2014, and as always, we need your input. Some of the best music released this year was done in EP format, and this is by no means a complete listing. You may select up to three, and you are welcome to add EPs not already listed. We do have some built-in cheat detection, so it’ll be difficult for a band or a fan to game the listener poll. For our purposes, an EP is a release three tracks or longer, usually limited to seven tracks max. The only cheat here is the Bloody Knives / Screen Vinyl Image split, which could ordinarily count as an album, but is more akin to a double EP. Please note: you can vote for three. If you vote for more than three, your votes beyond the first three are ignored by the polling program.

Voting closes in one week (Sunday, December 21), so vote, and share with the most tasteful people you know. Singles (two or fewer tracks) are not counted in this poll, and, if added, will be disregarded in the results. If we’ve missed something important, please feel free to add it in the format: Artist – Title for consideration and voting. Thanks for your help!

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