The end times are upon us. Okay, that sounds a tad severe. But our final broadcast day on Live365, TuneIn and iTunes is December 31st. It’s our party, and we’ll cry if we want to. We’ll spend over three hours celebrating our favorite discoveries in the genre, as well as our highs and lows of the last four years on Live365.


You can help! If you’d like to contribute an audio clip for use in the show, send it straightaway to Tell us what you love about the genre, the station, the DJs, the experience. We’ll get as many as we can into the big finale show. We’ll record it for distribution on Mixcloud the following week, when you (like us) are going through withdrawals. But, as much as anything, this is your station, and your voice should be represented.

So what are you waiting for? Use your iPhone’s “Voice Memo” function, or your favorite home recording device, and send us a clip by Wednesday night. Fans, bands, labels, all are welcome to be a part of our big goofy wake.

One thought on “DKFM Finale, December 31st

  1. Brian Backman

    Have you been looking into Radionomy, Soma, or other alternatives? Or are you planning to drop out altogether?
    Hope you plan on an alternative!

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