balms-golden-hairSan Francisco’s Balms kick it into high gear this week, with a sneak preview of “Golden Hair” from their forthcoming EP. Still drawing from their lo-fi roots, they’ve massaged and polished their sound, layering the distortion lower in the mix. The result is brighter and more engaging, sure to win them new converts. Call it “the California sound”, if you like. We call it a keeper.

Jared Padovani (guitar & vocals)
Michael Ascunsion (bass)
John Kolesnikow (drums)

Balms are touring the West Coast now to promote the impending EP release. Catch them on tour:

7/25 The Highline, Seattle w/ Vibragun
7/26 Kenton Club, Portland w/ Black is Bright
7/27 The Honey Hive, San Francisco w/ Tambo Rays, Daikon
8/14 Almost Holden Collective, Santa Monica
8/15 The Dial, Murrietta
8/16 The Smell, Los Angeles w/ The Vivids, Media Jeweler, Minnow
8/19 1-2-3-4 Go! Records, Oakland w/ Wild Moth, Darto

And follow their exploits on Facebook, Bandcamp, and at their website,