Fresh from the mountaintop, looks like the highly anticipated Beautiful Noise Documentary will not make its first appearance until 2014. Eric Green sent an update to all Kickstarter backers today with a new timeline for distribution:

Hello Beautiful Noise Backers,
We are working hard on finishing the documentary and are now extremely close to completion.  We are in the process of planning the festival premiere and run for 2014 and creating the cool pledge rewards for staggered delivery during and after the festival run.
Please stay flagyl price tuned for more info on festival dates and locations.
Thank you for your continued interest and support!
Happy Holidays!
Eric & Sarah
Beautiful Noise

So, the initial December target date will come and go, but we should finally see the project bear fruit in the coming year. Editorial staff here couldn’t imagine the film running the festival circuit over the Christmas holidays anyway, so it’s probably just as well. No doubt it only adds to the pent-up anticipation.

Featured image source: John Nugent, Sandbox FX