London’s shoegaze royalty Cheatahs just announced pre-order for their forthcoming Murasaki EP on Wichita Recordings, with 12″ vinyl due 16 June (digital EP available 5 May with 12″ preorder). 紫 (Murasaki) is billed as a conceptual EP influenced by Japanese poet and novelist Murasaki Shikibu, with the lyrics sung fully in Japanese. Hear the official audio below (via Wichita Recordings YouTube).

The “carnival funhouse of the mind” aesthetic that Cheatahs have perfected continues here, and while not immediately apparent as a lead single, it’s still going to be a song you’ll return to again and again. The lads from London have been quite busy as of late, having just delivered their spectacular Sunne EP (#1 on our March airplay charts). While the Murasaki EP is available for pre-order on iTunes UK, with immediate delivery of the lead track, iTunes US does not yet show it as available for pre-order. Wait longer.