For the last two weeks we’ve been pleased to bring you sneak peeks from Lightfoils’ Hierarchy LP, due July 8 on Saint Marie Records, and worth every bit of the hype we’ve heaped on it. As early adopters of Lightfoils, through personnel changes and delays, we’ve been expecting the new LP to vindicate our evangelism. And it has. Expect this album to land on our Top Ten list at year’s end.

We’ve also been heavy promoters of Highlands, who produce a psychedelic shoegaze stew that caught staff attention immediately. “Nightmares”, “Evil” and “Railroad” have been in rotation since practically forever. Now Highlands kicks it up a notch with their forthcoming LP, Dark Matter Traveler, due July 15 on Say Again Records. That such a moody melodic soup would originate from sunny Long Beach, well, can’t explain it if we tried. Music for headphones. Music for fog. Music for your more epic moments. We’re glad to be able to preview choice cuts from the new album, available soon.

Keep your ears on New Tracks Weekend for the next few weeks, as we tickle your earholes with pre-release music worth your attention. Preorder Lightfoils Hierarchy via Saint Marie Records, and preorder Highlands Dark Matter Traveler via Say Again Records.