Cre•scen•do emerged from the depths of the LA music scene at the beginning of 2014, and have been making a tuneful noise that’s caught the attention of the press (and us!) since the beginning of June. First they dropped the single “Gatsby”, a quick hit of jangle joy on June 6th, then followed up three weeks later at Spin Magazine with their second single “Jacqueline’s Apartment”. The debut album Lost Thoughts is due in July, and is filled with similarly dreamy slices of summery pop we can’t wait to get our hands on. Not only that, it’s produced by John Kunkel of The New Division. Who are these pretty people, making this pretty music? We pestered members of Cre•scen•do until they spilled the beans.

DKFM: How did this project come about? How did these particular talents come together to write, record and drop this jewel in only six months?

Cre•scen•do: Jade, Ava, Josh, Jesse, & me (Greg) all live in Los Angeles. Our recordings, professionalism, and chemistry as a group solidified our team. Our producer John Glenn Kunkel was just as focused as we were to work six months straight to complete Lost Thoughts, as well as being a tremendous support every inch of the way. We were able to bring to life a vision we had about a particular sound, DreamGaze. There was a collection of dreamy songwriting-filled nights til 4AM to deliver the results.

DKFM: Influences and inspirations for this shimmering sound?

Cre•scen•do: Collectively: The Radio Department, The Smiths, Moscow Olympics, My Bloody Valentine, The New Division, The Answering Machine, Wild Nothing, Craft Spells, Mac Demarco, Beach Fossils, The Strokes, The Cribs, Cass McCombs, The Cure, Joy Division, French House, Housse De Racket, Minks, Future Islands, Toro Y Moi, & The Horrors to name a few.

DKFM: Album release and touring plans. What do we know, and when do we know it?

Cre•scen•do: The release date is set to be the end of July. We do know that we will be doing a premiere debut at Hollywood’s Magical Establishment known as NO VACANCY. We are working with The Bilinda Butchers to play some LA Shows late July early August, and may play our first Music Festival shortly after. A tour is definitely underway.

DKFM: People have tagged your sound as shoegaze, dream pop, post punk. Are you comfortable with any of these? If you were to boil down the Cre•scen•do sound, to describe it to a newcomer, how would you identify it?

Cre•scen•do: We certainly are, those are our biggest inspirations & influences as genres. Cre•scen•do has Dream Pop, Shoegaze, and Post Punk working together as a team to deliver a sound that was crafted to make you feel you were somewhere else, dreaming, being your friend, and hopefully making you want to dance. The entire composition is centered around Romanticism.

DKFM: Rumor has it that you’ve already got songs ready for album number two, when the first one hasn’t dropped yet! Are you the most prolific musicians ever, or just have a lot to say?

Cre•scen•do: This is true. We are blessed to have an extremely ambitious team, it takes a lot to keep instruments out of our hands, or to block our creativity. We have been blessed with this opportunity to send music all over the world, so we will not take it for granted. It’s truly an addiction.

DKFM: When will you know Cre•scen•do has “made it”? When do you think you’ll be satisfied with what you’ve been able to accomplish?

Cre•scen•do: That’s unknowable. We are never good enough, we are never satisfied. Though we humble ourselves to the universe. We hope to touch hearts and minds around the world, to help them get through their days, and their long dreamy nights. As much as a powerful impact it has made on our lives, we wish it can do the same for the rest of the planet.

DKFM: With all that you’re putting together, what do you do to unwind? How do you de-stress and enjoy the ride you’re on?

Cre•scen•do: The best nights are when we all go out together. All of us living / converging in LA has its perks. There’s nothing like all of us dancing together to some really awesome music all night long. The chemistry is like nothing we’ve ever had.

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